Taylor Swift finally “broke her silence” yesterday. I mean, if you’ve been paying attention to The Summer of Swifty (more like the Summer of Swifty Backlash), you know that she hasn’t really been quiet since Kim Kardashian dropped the receipts. You’ve read all of the quotes from unnamed sources and you’ve interpreted the pap strolls just as you should have. But Taylor was quiet. Silent as the grave. Until Instagram introduced “Instagram Stories,” which is just Instagram pulling a Melania Trump and copying the sh-t out of Snapchat. Instagram Stories are just short little videos that can’t be embedded, but of course Taylor’s fansites caught Taylor’s first-ever Instagram Story. And it involved her kitty Olivia.

So there you go: Taylor Swift “broke her silence.” With a kitty. Boom! Frankly, Olivia and Meredith are two of my favorite parts of covering Taylor, so if she wants to just spend the next year posting cat photos and videos, I’ll be here for it.

Meanwhile, People Magazine had an update on the Tiddles situation. I guess we needed an update from a Swift-loyal source (unnamed) because Tom Hiddleston ran off to Australia without Tay-Tay. So what’s going on with The Glorious Tiddlebanging?

Hiddleswift is heating up. Last week, Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift took their love back to L.A. – where the singer has a home – for some rest and relaxation before the actor jetted solo back to Australia to continue shooting Thor: Ragnorak.

“Tom and Taylor seem great,” a source tells PEOPLE exclusively. “They spent quiet nights at Taylor’s home and she seemed very happy that he spent time in L.A. with her.”

While the singer, 26, and the actor, 35, hit their respective gyms and ran errands during the day solo, they reunited for dinner dates, like their romantic meal at Santa Monica steakhouse, Hillstone.

“They were tucked away on the second floor,” a restaurant source tells PEOPLE. “They seemed very happy and held hands at the table. They were very relaxed, polite and very pleasant.”

Since they began dating, the “Shake It Off” singer and the Crimson Peak actor have barely spent any time apart.

“After their long Australia trip, you would think they need some space,” says the source. “But they are the happiest when they are together.”

And though it’s only been six weeks since they were first photographed kissing near her Rhode Island home, the relationship appears to be anything but a fling.

“For such a new relationship, they act very serious,” says the source.

[From People]

This made me chuckle: “She seemed very happy that he spent time in L.A. with her.” There’s so much to parse there!!! Like, who cares how Tom is feeling? The important thing here is that Taylor is very happy and that she continues to find happiness in Tom spending time with her in LA. I don’t know you guys… I would love to hear from a Hiddles-source right about now.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.



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