Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber are officially, completely, 100% for real a couple.

If you put a lot of stock in the world of Instagram, that is.

Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber Picture

A few days after the singer was first spotted getting his flirt on with the 17-year old sister of Nicole Richie, Bieber and Sofia have posed together on Instagram.

Many, many times.

Oh, yes. Like we said: these two are now official. Instagram official!

We’re not joking. This is a big deal, going public with their status in such a way that Bieber’s millions and millions of followers must now bear witness to their PDA.

The artist is off in Tokyo at the moment, but he’s been joined there by his apparent new girlfriend.

Neither Bieber nor Richie has commented on their relationship, at least not in the traditional sense of releasing any kind of statement.

But it’s pretty easy to read between the romantic lines when checking out their social media feeds.

In the following picture, for instance, Bieber is only wearing underwear while seemingly standing in a hotel room.

There’s Richie in the foreground, doing a certain dance that Justin references in the caption.

“Dab on em,” he captioned the black and white snapshot.

Sofia Richie with Justin Bieber

An hour after this image went viral on Friday, the artist and his new squeeze hopped into the backseat of a car, where they posed for another selfie together (way above).

In the picture, Bieber slightly smirks and Richie pouts her lips in a seductive manner.

Still not convinced this is a real relationship?

What about the following photo, which Richie shared on her Instagram account and which features the pair in each other’s arms?

It also features a pair of heart emojis as the caption…

Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber Photo

Bieber and Richie are in Japan for a couple of stops on the former’s Purpose World Tour.

Just last week, Bieber was photographed naked in Hawaii while chilling with model Sahara Ray

This prompted many to wonder about Ray; hence our rundown of photos and of her background below:

Sahara ray picture
Sahara Ray: Who is Justin Bieber’s New Gal Pal?
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But it didn’t take long for Bieber to then move on to Richie. He was first spotted holding her hand in Laguna Beach, prior to the pair jetting off to Tokyo.

And this relationship really does appear to be serious.

It’s also controversial because Richie is only 17 years old. She turns the sexually-legal age of 18 on August 24.

What else do we know about Sofia Richie? Click around below:

Sofia richie and lionel richie on instagram
Sofia Richie: Meet Justin Bieber’s Underage New Squeeze
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Finally, for those who still doubt that Bieber and Richie are a romantic item, consider Justin’s latest Instagram post.

It is another photo of the tandem, once again having silly fun in the backseat of a car.

But this caption addresses the singer’s fans and actually issues a threat due to the trash they’ve been talking online to Richie.

“I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand,” Bieber wrote, adding:

“if you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people that I like.”

Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie

So there you have it.

Bieber is admirably sticking up for his new girlfriend, who is sadly receiving the same sort of harassment that past Justin Bieber girlfriends have suffered through.

The guy is right, of course.

If he’s happy and if you’re a fan of his… isn’t that what you want?

Unless you truly believed that YOU would end up dating Justin Bieber, why give grief to someone that puts a smile on his face?

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