Jonathan Cheban is mostly famous for being best friends with Kim Kardashian.

Come to think of it, Jonathan Cheban is only famous for being friends with Kim Kardashian.

Jonathan Cheban and Anat Popovsky: presents DNCE

But such is Kim’s level of fame these days that she not only makes other people famous just by virtue of knowing her, she also makes the people those people know semi-famous for the simple reason that they have just two degrees of separation from the world’s most famous ass.

(No, we’re not talking about Kanye.)

All of this is a long way of saying that just as Jonathan rose to the level of D-lister through his association with Kim, so too did his girlfriend, Anat Popovsky, ascend to the level of – eh, let’s say M-lister – by dating Jonathan.

Unfortunately, it looks like the 26-year-old’s career as professional girlfriend to a professional friend has come to an end, as Radar Online is reporting that Cheban and Popovsky have called it quits.

Insiders say Cheban was the one who decided to pull the plug and worse, it sounds like he more or less just ghosted her.

Anat Popovsky, Jonathan Cheban Photo

“He has been rude to Anat lately,” says one insider.

“Jonathan was partying in Monaco with models,” the source adds. “It was like he didn’t give a f–k at all.”

Sadly, it probably didn’t come as much of a surprise to Popovsky.

Rumors about Cheban cheating on her have been circulating for months.

And as Kardashian fans are well aware, Cheban is pretty much the worst

Jonathan Cheban & Kim Kardashian on Christmas Eve 2015

Watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online if you need to remind yourself of this fact.

Pretty much any episode will feature ample evidence.

If you’re looking for Anat, however, you may have a harder time.

Cheban generally kept his GF and his BFF at a safe remove from one another.

Some cite that as evidence that Jonathan has a thing for Kim.

We think he just doesn’t like sharing the spotlight.

Did we mention that Cheban is the worst?

You may have dodged a bullet on this one, Anat.

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