A man in Georgia has been arrested for reacting to his wife’s cooking in a very inappropriate manner.

Cheese sandwich

The incident took place in Clarke County on Wednesday and it centered on 55-year old James DePaola.

More specifically, it centered on the misguided, over-the-top temper of 55-year old James DePaola.

According to the Athens-Clarke County police department, DePaola started screaming at his wife because he was displeased with the way in which she made his grilled cheese.

James asked for two slices of cheese on the sandwich; his wife used three slices of cheese on the sandwich; and this was deemed unacceptable.

James allegedly spit in his wife’s face during the dispute, causing such an uproar that the couple’s 12-year old daughter called 911.

She told an operator that her dad hit her mother and pulled the phone out of the wall

(She called for help from a cell phone.)

Once authorities arrived, DePaola admitted to pulling the phone from the wall because he said he did not want his wife to call 911 for a “stupid” reason.

(And someone who attacks another person over an extra slice of cheese knows all about stupid reasons.)

The wife, Michele DePaola, told police officers that James has a history of violent and abusive behavior toward her; it has resulted in him being arrested in the past and served with a restraining order.

mug shots

Michele added that he has not been physically abusive to her in a long time, although he does often control her via criticisms, shouting and cursing.

In the case of this grilled cheese incident, Michele says her husband did NOT hit her and she was never afraid he was going to because he knows James does not want to go back to jail.

James DePaola was charged with obstruction of a 911 call and criminal trespass/damage to property.

We hope he goes back to jail.

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