Heineken has a new ad that tackles political issues the right way. Pepsi, take note. Check it out inside…
Who knew beer could bring us all together?
Heineken sure did. And they unveiled a new commercial that perfectly tackles the current political issues in our world, unlike Pepsi with their tone deaf Kylie Jenner “fights oppression” ad.
In Heineken’s “World Apart” clip (created by Publicis London), it shows how we all have things in common no matter our political views. Two strangers with totally different political opinions are put together to participate in an experiment. They are given instructions to build a bar.
They form a bond while building the bar, and once they’re done, they’re told to watch a video. In the video, recordings of their opinions about certain issues are displayed and things obviously get uncomfortable. They are then presented with the choice to leave or talk it out over a beer. Each group decides to chat over a beer and they soon realize open dialogue caused them to form new friendships, despite their polar opposite stances on certain issues.
Check it:

They get it!
Photo: Screenshot