It’s a “Sister, Sister” reunion!  Stroll down memory lane with Tia & Tamera Mowry and Marques Houston, plus find out why Tamera decided to give her son Aden a mermaid doll inside…
Black totally doesn’t crack!

Guess who’s at the door? Roger!
On today’s episode of “The Real” Tia and Tamera Mowry got a huge surprise. Their “Sister, Sister” co-star Marques Houston popped up on set for a “Sister, Sister” reunion. Hmm…does this mean the “Sister, Sister” reboot is closer than we think? We can only speculate, but we’re thinking this little reunion a sign.

During a promo run for her new cooking book a few weeks ago, Tia revealed that a reboot of the hit 90s show could be in the works, but nothing has been confirmed just yet.
Don’t go home Roger. Ha! 
Peep their surprise below:

Would you be here for a reboot? If it’s done right, we would.

It was all smiles for Tamera as her sister joined her on the show today. The actress-turned-chef made her appearance today in a floral Valentino frock paired with Manolo Blahnik ankle-strap heels.

During their girl chat segment, Tamera opened up about why she decided to gift her son, Aden, a mermaid doll. While some parents believe boys should play with “boy” toys and girls play with “girl” toys, Tamera offered up some insight on letting her son express himself however he chooses.
Check it:

Fab times.
Photos: Robert Voets /Warner Bros. Television/Tia’s IG