Michelle Obama revealed a secret about her husband Barack Obama and his style. And it’s quite surprising.  Or maybe it isn’t, actually. Find out what she said inside…
Men and women are judged VERY differently when it comes to fashion. Just ask former First Lady Michelle Obama. She knows first hand how woman are held to a certain standard that men, on the other hand, aren’t.
How does she know?
Well, for the last eight years, her fashion choices have been critiqued with every dress she wore, every pair of shoes she tip toed in and every piece of jewelry she accessorized with. While she rarely ever missed the mark, the scrutiny was REAL.  And often times petty.
Meanwhile, we hardly ever hear anything about former president Barack Obama’s fashion choices.
During a conversation at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference on Tuesday, FLOTUS revealed a secret about her husband. Barack Obama wore the exact same tuxedo at every event he attended throughout his two-terms. Yep, President O rocked the same tux and no one even noticed.
“No matter what we do, he puts on that same tux,” Mrs. Obama said. “Now, people take pictures of the shoes I wear, the bracelets, the necklace—they didn’t comment that for eight years, he wore that same tux, same shoes.”
Oh, and he rocked it proudly.
“He was proud of it too, he was like, ‘Mm! I’m ready. I’m ready in ten minutes. Mmm—how long did it take you?'”

Ha! Who knew?
Check out more videos and inspirational gems from Mrs. O’s fab appearance below:

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