R. Kelly denies sleeping with Aaliyah’s mom after one of his accusers revealed he told her he did. Also, alleged audio recordings of conversations between Kelly’s girlfriend Joycelyn Savage have surfaced that contradict what the singer told Gayle King about their relationship. Everything inside…
Last week, Lisa Van Allen – one of R. Kelly’s alleged victims/former girlfriends featured in “Surviving R. Kelly” – revealed the singer allegedly admitted to her that he had sex with Aaliyah’s mother, Diane Haughton. She said he told her they would “do sexual acts on the couch” while Aaliyah was sleeping in another room when he stayed at their home in Detroit.
Sources tell TMZ that the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer denies Lisa Van Allen’s accusations, and says he and Diane only had a “friendly relationship.” The Grammy Award winner reportedly believes Lisa’s claims are “to further smear his name and grab headlines for herself.”
While Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg claims Aaliyah lied about her age, Lisa Van Allen made claims that Kelly knew Aaliyah was 15 at the time that he married her. She also said the reason Kelly decided to marry Aaliyah was because he allegedly got her pregnant. This was also alluded to in the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary. Van Allen claims Kelly thought if he married Aaliyah and if he told people he thought she was 18 (even thought he knew she wasn’t), he wouldn’t get in trouble with the law. The sources spilling tea to TMZ didn’t address those claims.
These accusations surfaced weeks after Robert Kelly was indicted on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four women, three of whom were minors at the time. Kelly has maintained his innocence and pleaded not guilty to all charges.

As for his current girlfriends, there is new information and alleged audio recordings contradicting what the singer said about his relationship with one of his girlfriends. You’ll recall in his interview with Gayle King, the singer said he did not develop a relationship with Joycelyn Savage because of her career as an aspiring singer. He said nothing about Joycelyn made him think she wanted to be a singer, despite her parents saying otherwise. He also said Joycelyn did perform for him, but claims she “couldn’t sing.”
The Blast claims to have an audio recording of a phone conversation between Kelly and Joycelyn where they talk about her singing career.
The site reports:
The Blast obtained audio of a phone call between Kelly and Joycelyn Savage during the early phase of their relationship. As we reported, Savage was flown out to meet Kelly in 2015 after making it clear she wanted the singer to determine if she had the chops for the music industry.
In the call, Kelly can be heard playfully singing to Savage, asking the girl, “Are you still on the phone?” to which she laughs and confirms she’s listening to his every word. Savage, who was an adult at the time, told Kelly that a song she wrote, “Don’t Hold Back,” was inspired by his song, “Half on a Baby,” and asked if he noticed the similarities.
“I noticed that all the way,” Kelly confidently tells Savage, adding that, “I love the song … Just needs some changes, a few different melody changes … it needs to be doped up.”
Savage then tells the R&B star, “I wanna work with you on that song,” and he seems to confirm that they will be working together soon.

The actual audio was not shared, however, it’s reported the recording has been turned over to federal investigators.
There’s also an alleged recording of Joycelyn chopping it up with her vocal coach, where she allegedly revealed that Kelly threatened her to make her “earn his trust back” after she told her family about their sexual relationship. Apparently, he was mad she told them about their relationship and threatened to “cut her off.”  Kelly allegedly made Joycelyn – who was at least 17 at the time – send him a text message that said she lied about them having sex, so he could use it as a defense if he ever needed it. Also, she reportedly revealed Kelly may have given her an STD.
The Blast reports:
As we reported, Kelly flew Savage out to Tulsa, OK in 2015 under the guise of mentoring her as a singer.In the audio, Savage said she explained to Kelly that she told her family of their new sexual relationship, and the singer was apparently very angry.
“I told him what was going on,” a nervous Savage admitted, adding, “He can’t trust me … I have to gain his trust back because he really likes me a lot.”
Savage explained that Kelly wanted her to send a text message stating, “I lied about me and you having sex,” in case he ever needed a defense. She also revealed that the singer may have given her an STD, and she was nervous about her father finding out if she tested positive for anything.

Also, Joycelyn reportedly confided in two close friends that Kelly allegedly sexually assaulted her during their first meeting, but told them she didn’t want to press charges. Those friends have been speaking with federal investigators as they continue to pursue a case against the singer for alleged sex trafficking.
Kelly’s next hearing for his criminal case is scheduled for March 22nd at 10am.
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