Former NFL star Larry Johnson is totally in his bag and he’s coming for Megan Thee Stallion. More inside…
Some men hate to see a woman shine, don’t they?
Someone clearly hurt former NFL player Larry Johnson because he’s firing unprovoked shots at rapper Megan Thee Stallion. The Houston Hottie is making her come up and this former football player started poppin’ off on her when she hasn’t even acknowledged his existence…until he came for her.
The former Kansas City Chiefs running back thought it was a good idea to RESTART his completely unprovoked disrespectful attack on the “Hot Girl Summer” rapper and her career after he first came for her (and she clapped back) last week.
Here’s how it started:

By the way, she is throwing up the Texas horns. It’s the sign for “hook em Horns.” in college football. People assumed Beyonce was devil worshipping as well when she would throw the horns up.
Now, the 39-year-old former NFLer is putting her down (again, she likely doesn’t even know who this man is simply because of age) like disrespectful men do to women they are big mad at for whatever reason, saying he’s had better, so he’s not interested in having sex with her like people are accusing him of wanting to do.
Here’s what he tweeted:

In case you don’t know or remember who Larry Johnson is, because his relevancy was just that long ago, let us refresh your memories. Interesting that he’s condemning fatherless children and acting like he cares about the precious family unit when his track record states otherwise.
He was a professional football player in the early 2000’s. After dating Julissa Bermudez, he was accused of committing heinous acts of domestic violence. On five different occasions. He was arrested at least 4 times on domestic violence charges, one time where his then girlfriend had visible signs of strangulation and bruises. He was also arrested for assault and battery on women, including waving a gun at his girlfriend and spitting a drink in a woman’s face at a nightclub.
He interestingly associates Meg’s comeuppance with Roc Nation with devil work, but he himself was part of the Roc Nation team during his heyday. He and Jay-Z were very close friends – Larry often threw up the Rocafella sign after scoring touchdowns, was featured in Rocawear ads, was in that star-studded “Roc Boys” video, and allegedly shared a condo with Jay at the Trump Tower. He himself admitted in a radio interview that Jay distanced himself after his UMPTEEN ARRESTS for domestic violence.

Larry then blamed CTE for his depression and rage. By the way, we don’t recall Larry saying anything about any male rappers who rap about the same things as Meagan or get signed after literally being an overnight success. Also Larry has been ranting about the world being upside down because of sex and LGBT people and things like that and saying crazy things.
#johnathonvanness HIV positive homosexual who struggled with abuse & distrust from religious leaders, blaspheme & mocks Yeshua (Jesus Christ) the only and begotten son of the most high God (Yah).
Lukewarm Pastors (crickets)
As a #awakenIsraelite silent!?
“Can you believe?”
— Larry Johnson (@2LarryJohnson7) September 22, 2019
TBH I don’t really care who celebrities/athletes worship, but like people’s nauseating need to have their sexuality validated, I’m sick of seeing and hearing about it.
Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.
Plus, annoying satanists is my calling…
— Larry Johnson (@2LarryJohnson7) September 22, 2019
This world is spiritually upside down because the culture in the media is encouraging it, sensationalizing it, indoctrinating it.
— Larry Johnson (@2LarryJohnson7) September 18, 2019
Sir, mental issues are no excuse for this disgusting behavior. And the fact industry men are so quiet instead of using this opportunity to defend what’s right is, unsurprising.
Photos: Getty/Megan’s IG