A teenage girl has admitted she staged her own kidnapping that made national news. Find out why she did it, and why folks are pissed inside….
Karol Sanchez, 16, made national headlines after video her being kidnapped on a Bronx street in front of her mother went viral. An Amber Alert was issued, and police were searching for the abducted teen. Turns out, it was all a hoax.
Karol reportedly admitted to staging the incident. The reason? She reportedly wanted “to get away from her strict mom” who wanted to move the family back to Honduras. It’s also reported Karol didn’t want to leave so she could be with her boyfriend, a 23-year-old alleged Crips gangbanger who was once arrested for murder.
The alleged abduction went down around 11:20 p.m. Monday (December 16th) as the 16-year-old and her mother were walking near East 156 Street in the Bronx. In the video footage, you seen two men jump out of a car, grab Karol, shove her mother to ground, and then drag Karol in the car before speeding off. Check it:
ALERT: NYPD looking for 16-year-old who was kidnapped Monday night while walking with her mother in the Bronx
— NYC Scanner (@NYScanner) December 17, 2019
An Amber Alert was issued in hopes of locating the missing teen:
AMBER ALERT: Karol Sanchez (16) was kidnapped by a group of males around 11:30PM Monday evening on Eagle Ave in the Bronx. She is 5’5” tall, 150 lbs. Suspects are described as four adult males in their 20s with dark complexions. pic.twitter.com/C5TzpEtOAR
— NYC Scanner (@NYScanner) December 17, 2019
Fifteen hours later, Karol reappeared at the same interception that she was allegedly abducted from. It’s reported she walked up to two police officers sitting in a squad car and told them she was the missing teen.
“We were looking at the [missing poster] picture saying, ‘I hope she’s OK,’ and she walked right up,” said Akash Singh, 29.
“She was trembling while she was walking. She just looked really scared,” continued Singh, a construction worker on a project in the area. “She put her hands on her knees and she started talking to the cops. They jumped out of the car and put her in.”

After police brought her down to the precinct, she was reunited with her mother:
WATCH: Moment Karol Sanchez was reunited with her family after being kidnapped in the Bronx
— NYC Scanner (@NYScanner) December 17, 2019
According to reports, there were four men in the car and it turns out that the men were her friends. Karol isn’t expected to face charges, but cops were still looking to question the four men who were in the car, one of whom is believed to be her boyfriend.
Twitter has been quite vocal about the situation. And people are upset, especially since young, black women are being snatched up and being forced into prostitution rings.
So we had to start 2019 with Jussie Smollett’s hoax and now end it with Karol Sanchez’s staged kidnapping?! I am too through! 2020 can’t come soon enough! pic.twitter.com/jMi1n0BuSy
— Giselle J. Phelps (@GisellePhelps) December 17, 2019
What Karol Sanchez did just set black girls back. It’s bad enough the media & police don’t take missing black women serious. So the 1 time it actually makes national news it’s staged. We got so many black girls who are currently missing parents left heartbroken.Girl really pic.twitter.com/i9W3WZIULA
— Kayla Got The 411 (@kaylagothe411) December 17, 2019
Karol Sanchez and Jussie Smollett trynna set black folk back fifty years single handily pic.twitter.com/jSPd34y2gM
— Babyface Kese (@BabyfaceKese) December 17, 2019
If Karol Sanchez really staged her own kidnapping… it’s gonna be a LOT harder for black girls who are legitimately missing to get their justice. Oh, Jesus.
— Sydney Noel (@sydneynoels) December 17, 2019
I’m having a huge problem accepting some ppl’s excues for this girl staging her own kidnapping. How can you come and call this a dumb decision bc she’s a 16y/o? Not once in my pre-teen or teen years I ever thought about this horrible decision which in fact has consequences.
— andrea (@cabacaceresxoxo) December 18, 2019
Now I’ve done some stupid ass shit ass a teen due to my mom being over protective, but staging a WHOLE ASS kidnapping? The police would have had to lock my momma up before releasing me to her because I would have shown up dead the next day. https://t.co/deTtWZrONt
— Alexis Mozell (@Masemom5) December 18, 2019
I hope the young lady who staged the kidnapping (knew the story was off from jump) doesn’t get in any real trouble. Also hope her homies who tried to help her don’t either. If my parents tried to take me to another country indefinitely as a teen…..I absolutely woulda ran away.
— Sardonic Savage, MPA (@4hannahannah) December 18, 2019
The people want the facts NEOW. This whole situation was sketchy from jump. I figured she was targeted but not that she orchestrated it. I really hope that’s not true
— orlando brown prince michael jacksonjr aka blanket (@cuzzinneenee) December 17, 2019
Some folks online were skeptical from the beginning with some people accusing her mother in being in on it: 
“My initial thought is that a family member or associate knows why this happened. There are plenty of girls that age walking alone,” one commenter wrote.

“I wonder if it is a family associate,” another user wrote.
“omg so scary! but seems like inside job!,” one person wrote.

What makes this situation worse is the fact that black women are being abducted and sold into sex trafficking. The NY Daily News released an article in 2017 about how dozens of Bronx teen girls were actually missing with fears of possible abduction and forced prostitution. There are so many women being sold into sex slavery, so for her to lie about being kidnapped is just too much.
Photo: New York City Police Department