We all know actress Amanda Seales doesn’t mind sharing her thoughts on things, but singer Frenchie Davis is FED UP and checking her on social media. More inside…
Well, well, well.
Usually when Amanda Seales gets on her soap box and expresses her inner thoughts about…anything…it causes an uproar.
Recently, the “Insecure” actress posted a video to social media to react to a controversial Hollywood magazine cover that features Kim Kardashian West seemingly looking “darker” than usual.




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“Honestly, what is there to say?” she started the video. “Because what folks will say is ‘But she has black children.’ Stop it. ‘But she’s Middle Eastern.’ Stop it. ‘But she’s helping black people get out of jail.’ Stop! Drop! Shut em down open up… Stop it!”

Amanda ranted about how she’s OVER Kim K being in “blackface” and folks excusing it as “bronzer.”
“As a black woman, to see this person on this cover in blackface, and yes, you call it tan or bronzer or whatever, but again, she don’t care,” she continued. “We are so dope in many ways, we have consistently been seen as only resources, not as people. So they touch our hair, they inject their lips and their hips and their booties to mimic ours. They attempt our style, and they give nothing back. It’s all depletion with no replenishment.”

Well, we agree and have been saying this about the culture vulture and her culture vulture family over a decade.  But when black wmen point out the obvious, we’re often label “bitter” and “jealous” and “a hater.”
Peep the full video below:

Later, Amanda hopped on Twitter to respond to the backlash she received from the video:

“Listen, I get it. I ain’t considered “the underdog”. I’m a light skinned, skinny, middle class raised, opinionated, smart, smartass, black woman with long hair. So, no matter the merit of wut I say I’m the PERFECT person for mean minded folks 2 shit on without shame. LOL #goawf,” she tweeted.

She followed up with tweeting:
“Regardless, I ain’t ask for none of that and I don’t bask in any of it either. I Love, need, and appreciate you Real ones who know a real one when you see one. The rest of y’all continue to I’ma can’t stop won’t stop til…

That tweet must have struck a nerve in singer-songwriter Frenchie Davis’ body because she hopped on Facebook to blast Amanda for her “skinny, light skinned mean girl superiority complex.” The former “American Idol” contestant said she’s had enough of Amanda projecting “the sh*t” on people and would love for her to just SHUT UP.

“I’m probably gon delete this later but I’m getting my period soon and this is exhausting me. This sister SO CLEARLY has a skinned light skinned mean girl superiority complex… and works super hard at projecting the sh*t on to other people. It’s exhausting. Like, sis…we all love Tracy Ellis Ross…Michaela Angela Davis…Zendaya…Amandla Stenberg…and countless other outspoken opinionated thing light skinned educated women,” she wrote.
”People dislike you because…your energy is obnoxious and disingenuous AS F*CK!!!!! Go sit with that!!!! Sit with it in a corner quietly wit biracial Jesus and center yourself!!!! I just wish a light skinned n*gga like Shaza from ‘A Different World’ would go over there choke f*ck the sh*t outta her so she could calm down and shut the f*ck up!,” she concluded.

Tell us how you really feel Frenchie! 
Frenchie then followed up with a video responding to folks who were offended by her post about Amanda: 

She said what she said!
Do you agree with Frenchie’s reason as to why folks don’t like Amanda?
In other news, it’s been rumored Amanda Seales has been given a permanent spot as a co-host on “The Real,” but she has not confirmed that yet. We shall see….
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