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As we continue to see, the Queen is still doing the most to protect HRH Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. Throughout 2019, as the Jeffrey Epstein headlines went from bad to worse, the Queen was regularly making public appearances with Andrew, throwing up a visual PR shield to help out her favorite son. Queen Elizabeth even approved of his BBC interview and stuck by him for days as the fallout reached a critical peak. Then she fired Andrew on Charles’ orders, and since then, she continues to make public appearances with him – they still ride together, they still go to church together, and Andrew is probably one of the few people who still has her ear consistently. They were out at church again this past weekend, just hours after the Sussexit was formalized and Harry and Meghan had to withdraw from using their HRHs. Bad optics. But the Queen doesn’t care and neither does Andrew. So as the Sussexes leave, Andrew wants to be rehabilitated in the eyes of the British public. So here we go:

Disgraced Prince Andrew has become the Queen’s “rock” during Megxit, royal insiders have revealed. The Duke is said to have been a “tower of strength” behind the scenes in the last two weeks and has been supporting his parents in their hour of need.

A senior royal source said: “Andrew has been talking to her constantly on the phone and has now gone up to stay with her for a few days. He obviously has spare time on his hands but he would have been there as a shoulder to cry on anyway. He sees a lot of the Queen at Windsor, probably more than any other royal, and he is her rock at the moment. Behind the scenes we are talking about a family falling apart and Andrew is doing his best to shore things up. He may be finished in the eyes of the public but he feels it is his duty to support the Queen and Prince Philip and get them through this ordeal.”

The source said Andrew was “kicking himself” for his behaviour during the Epstein affair. They added: “It has taken him a while but he has finally realised what a fool he has been and he is beside himself with remorse. He knows he has let the Queen and the monarchy down and it’s going to be very difficult for him to regain the public’s respect. He wants to do as much as he can to make it up to his mother. Both Prince Charles and Prince William have told him there is no way back for the time being. If he hadn’t made such a dreadful mistake he would now be a leading senior royal helping the Queen and stepping into many of the causes and patronages that Harry and Meghan will probably abandon. But as things stand he can only take a backseat role.

“Despite his failings he is immensely loyal and a team player, as he was in the Navy. He is a proud father and he would like his daughters Bea and Eugenie to take up some of the royal slack, but that doesn’t seem to fit in with Charles’s desire for a slimmed down monarchy. Andrew thinks his daughters could do a superb job with the day to day stuff and the Queen is very fond of them, but the levers of power are shifting.”

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Imagine being part of a family which worked in concert with the press to bully a young woman out of the country because she A) is not white and B) had a great work ethic. Imagine being part of that family, successfully bullying the “star couple” out of the country through a relentless and racist hate campaign, and then thinking that you have the perfect answer to all of the problems left behind: rehabilitate the image of a predator prince and allow him and his daughters to attempt to “fill the gap” left by the Sussexes. It’s so asinine I don’t even had words. And that’s how you know it’s real: the Sussexes leaving is the best thing that’s happened to Andrew in years. Suddenly, he has his mummy’s ear and he can tell her all about how Beatrice and Eugenie should definitely become full-time royals now.

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