Beyonce is famously controlling of her image and controlling of which photos make it out to public view. In the past five years or so, Bey rarely even walks red carpets, preferring instead to give her fans a look at her awards-show, party or premiere fashion via Instagram. I understand that, and it’s part of the myth of Beyonce. But at an event like Kobe Bryant’s very public memorial, I would assume that even Beyonce cannot control who takes photos of her. But that’s exactly what she did. Even though she performed and sat just behind Vanessa Bryant through much of the memorial, there are only a handful of photos of Beyonce at the Kobe memorial. How did that happen? Well…

Photographers were forbidden from taking snaps of Beyoncé during her performance at Kobe Bryant’s memorial in Los Angeles on Monday, according to several photo agencies. Editors at the Associated Press and Getty Images told The Post that organizers of the live-streamed Staples Center event prohibited them from taking photos of the Grammy-winning singer or Bryant’s children. The pop superstar kicked off the memorial to the Lakers legend and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, by performing her hit songs “XO” and “Halo.”

One insider at the event said, “It is so offensive to Kobe’s family and the fans, Beyonce is so controlling of her image — she usually only allows approved selected images of her to be released — so no photographers at the Kobe memorial were allowed to take her picture. Really, at a memorial? Not even the family of Michael Jackson did that.

“A Staples Center staffer was dispatched to make sure not a single camera was focused on the stage. The photographers couldn’t believe it. This doesn’t help Beyonce’s image at all, it hurts her. It makes her look like a diva. The memorial wasn’t about her. The only shots of Bey that did emerge were screen grabs from TV. None of the other artists at the memorial asked for this, not Christina Aguilera, not Alicia Keys.”

Representatives for Beyoncé did not immediately return a request for comment.

[From Page Six]

If this was a private event, I would 100% understand. Even if it was a public event and Beyonce merely attended as a private person, without performing, I would understand. But… it was a HUGE public memorial covered live on CNN, ESPN and multiple networks, and it was carried live across the world too. And Beyonce PERFORMED! My lord. I know the Beygency will come after me and I normally can find a way to justify Beyonce’s quirks, but this is ridiculous. To make those kinds of demands at a public memorial is absolutely tacky.

Screencaps from the BeIn video.