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Via: @t.lighthouse . We were delighted to welcome HRH The Countess of Wessex to our foodbank warehouse to join volunteers packing emergency food parcels. The Countess spent time assembling food parcels for delivery to the vulnerable in the Woking borough impacted by the coronavirus. She also heard from the staff and regular volunteers at The Lighthouse about the work the foodbank is doing to help those in need, as well as our other projects which are supporting the local community. . #kindness #belief #hope #wokingfoodbank #lighthousewoking @theroyalfamily #wearewoking . photos: @edpeers

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In the wake of Sussexit, there were a multitude of stories about which royals would “step up” and “replace” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It seemed that even though those royal commentators were smearing Meghan and Harry as the two biggest disasters ever for the Windsors, there was also an acknowledgement that their star power was profoundly needed for the survival of such an antiquated institution. Basically, Harry and Meghan made the monarchy look sexy and modern, and the fact that they were bullied out of the country makes the monarchy look like what it is: boring, fussy, colonialist, racist, sexist and outdated.

Still, the “who will step up” conversation was sort of hilarious. I mean, shouldn’t the Future Queen and Future King step up? Are William and Kate still not enough? Do buttons not count as work?? So it was funny that as soon as Will & Kate got what they wanted – all of the attention on them, with the Sussexes exiled – the commentators were instantly like “well sh-t, who ELSE is there?” So all eyes turned to Sophie, the Countess of Wessex. Reportedly, she’s been ready since January to “step up” in the wake of Sussexit. Now Sophie is being embiggened by the same people who have been trying to embiggen William and Kate for years:

Sophie Wessex is ‘exactly what the royal family needs’ because she ‘just gets on with it’ and doesn’t take on projects that are ‘very glamorous’, according to a royal expert. Ingrid Seward has revealed how the Countess, 55, approaches her role in The Firm in an ‘unfussy way’ and said she ‘gets on with things regardless of the attention.’

The Countess, who is currently isolating at her home in Bagshot Park, Surrey, with husband Prince Edward, 56, and their children Lady Louise Windsor, 16, and James, Viscount Severn, 12, has been seen volunteering at foodbanks and making lunches for NHS staff in recent weeks.

Seward told CBC News: ‘Sophie does everything very quietly, partly because the media don’t follow her obsessively as they do with William and Catherine and partly because the things she does aren’t necessarily very glamorous.’

Seward went on to say it was exactly what the Royal Family needs and likened her to Princess Anne, who is often considered the hardest-working royal. The royal expert said Sophie would likely follow in her footsteps, thanks to her ‘unfussy’ attitude. She went on to explain how Sophie was ‘someone who just gets on with things regardless of the attention they receive’, which was exactly what was needed in The Firm.

Meanwhile fellow expert Katie Nicholl went on to reveal how Sophie ‘goes about her duty diligently and quietly’, explaining that it was part of the reason the Countess is so close to the Queen. Katie said that their companionship came ‘gradually’ and without pushiness on Sophie’s part, with the two women both enjoying riding, military history and ‘a wicked sense of humour.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Over the past few years, I’ve come to understand the dysfunctional nature of the Windsors even better, and how the dysfunction starts with the Queen and “trickles down” to the rest of the family. Queen Elizabeth is a petty B who loathes when anyone “outshines” her in any way. She WANTS the women in her family to behave like Anne – to be boring and hard-working and never outshine the Queen. But that’s not what’s best for the survival of the monarchy, and the Queen’s dysfunction has done such irreparable harm to the Crown. The Crown NEEDS youth, vitality, interest, modernity, and yes, drama. They need to be able to relate to all people, not just staid, ancient, gatekeeping old royalists.

I’m not saying this as shade for Sophie in particular – I think she’s been doing some good work overall, and she was the first royal to really don gloves and a mask and volunteer at local charities during the pandemic. But Sophie’s work never gets much attention, and neither does Anne’s. And that’s not good for the monarchy.

The Countess Of Wessex Attends The Sovereign's Parade

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The Countess Of Wessex Attends The Sovereign's Parade