Give your Netflix & Hulu ques a breather.  We found the best show you’re not watching, and it’s def worth getting cozy with a new streaming network.  Promise. Everything inside.
Don’t know about you guys, but we’re still staying inside for a bit, even with these recent semi-openings of cities.  We’ll let them try out the first round of “outside” and we’ll continue working from home and binging everything in sight. 

So, we found something YBF worthy – “A House Divided” on streaming network UMC (get it NOW, the trial is free!). While the streamer has a full library of black-led sitcoms and movies and shows from the 90’s and beyond, they’ve got some original content too.   Anytime there’s scammery, schemery, family drama, hot sex on hot cars, major bags of money, and the cast is black – we’re here for it.  And this show, y’all, is goodt!  Here’s why:
1.  Fine ass Gichi Gamba
Not much more needs to be said.  Season 1, Episode 1 says a whole lot.  Like, a WHOLE lot.  UMC is showing chocolately, sculpted, naked assery and they deserve an Emmy for that one particular scene alone.  It’s about time tv networks start giving audiences hotness – with tastefulness – of the male persuasion. They act like we don’t like male eye candy during our binges too.  So UMC said Nah, we got you.  Meet Gichi Gamba.

You’ll know exactly who he is when he first hits the screen – the super fine “I married up” husband of the wealthy cousin of the wealthy family the show is centered around. Why is he important?  You’ll find that out in the first episode too.  Let’s just say there’s plenty chocolate to go around and he spreads it OUT. It’s so messy and so good.
If we had any doubts on whether we would continue binge watching this series, he was one good reason to stay. Remember the first time you saw Ralph Angel on screen all sweaty and working in the Louisiana fields? Chile, just wait.
2.  The show is filmed on location in two of our favorite cities – L.A. & New Orleans.

We love when shows and movies stay true to their scripts and actually film on location.  “A House Divided” has a backstory with the main family’s sugar mill roots in New Orleans and they flipped their old money into a booming family-owned bank based in L.A. navigating a dog-eat-dog world (and often times getting criminal to keep their millions).  An old money, black, wealthy family shooting on location and giving us soap opera but more realistic and way more sexy teas?  Yes please! 
3. Actual New Orleans natives and locals play the roles written for the New Orleans characters.
Don’t you hate when a show or movie is based in a specific place with a story specific to that place and the culture, yet they hire actors with the totally wrong accents who are faking it ’till they make it?  Yes, even a few of our fave shows do this, and we deal with it for the greater good.  But, with “AHD,” authentic N.O culture – accents and all – are all up and through it. It was the pretty but gangster 7th Ward soldier for us.  Loves it.
4. The quality and budget for this project are surprisingly top-notch.

We’ve gotten accustomed used to B or C level projects popping up on streaming services.  We watch all of them just the same as the blockbuster hits, looking for a diamond in the rough.  And this is most def one of those, in the best way. 
We’re not sure what their budget is, but somebody asked “Where the cash at?” and spent all that ish on production.  And we are not mad.  There is surprisingly bomb ass video quality, believable writing with just enough Hollywood hocus pocus, and a gorgeous, laid out L.A. mansion to give us the setting we need.  We can only take so much of the sets made of painted paper walls that look like they’re going to crash any minute.
5. Your blackbuster faves are still getting booked and killing it, decades into the game.

From Paula Jai Parker to LisaRaye, we’re getting our iconic faves back in action and in rare form this go-round. Paula Jai is reading folks for absolute filth and LisaRaye is back on her “reading the mistresses” steez. 

They join forces with (well, against) Demetria McKinney, who has definitely upped her acting game since we saw her on “RHOA.” There’s glass throwing, epic fights, affairs, black wealth, people hiding their true selves and dark secrets, and reads FOR DAYS.  By the way, Demetria could have used her epic on-screen reading skills to battle NeNe and co. during her “Housewives” days.

Binge “A House Divided” right now on UMC so we can discuss the delicious foolywangery as a family. Season 1 and the latest episodes of season 2 (new episodes premiere on Thursdays) are already up. There’s a free trial – so, no excuse.