LeToya Luckett and her husband Tommicus Walker are having marital issues and it’s…bad. Like leaving her at the airport with a “I’ll holla at you later,” bad. More inside…
Wow.  It was all good just a bit ago.  They appeared to be the perfect loving couple. 
Singer LeToya Luckett got engaged to her now husband Tommicus Walker in 2017, a year after her divorce from husband Rob Hillman. Four months later, they tied the knot, had their first child together recently, got pregnant with their second, and everything seemed great…until it didn’t.
The couple – who stars on “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle” – is in marriage counseling, trying to work through their issues before bringing another life into this world. However, the sessions are seemingly pulling them further apart rather than bringing them closer together.
On the most recent episode of “Friends & Family Hustle,” tensions boiled over after a counseling session, which resulted in Tommi unexpectantly hopping on flight to Dallas following an argument.
”I’ll holla at you later,” was the last phrase Tommi said to his wife as he walked inside of the airport to catch his flight, leaving her behind with no kiss or hug. She even said “I love you” to him, only to be ignored. Sheesh.
During the counseling session, the couple opens up about behaviors that have been the most detrimental to their marriage. Tommi says LeToya feels he’s rude, doesn’t like his assertive tone, and that he doesn’t use kind words. LeToya says Tommi feels like she doesn’t set aside enough time for him, she doesn’t cook enough, and that she’s not as patient with him during arguments.
LeToya – who’s currently pregnant with their second child together (his third) – mentions since their daughter, Gianna, is still in the bed with them that it has been difficult for them to have alone time. She also explains how her husband’s aggressive tone makes her shut down.
When the counselor asks Tommi if it’s true that he can get aggressive with his tone, he quickly tries to put the focus on LeToya, claiming both of them can get aggressive and unkind with their words.
The counselor redirects the conversation to focus on HIS actions and that’s when he shuts down and the session ends shortly after that.
The conversation continues in the car and it doesn’t get better. The couple goes back-and-forth in the car and that’s when Tommi all of a sudden reveals they were heading to the airport because he’s going to Dallas to visit his daughter, Madison (from a previous relationship). Naturally, LeToya asks him when was he going to inform her he was leaving, and he gives her a passive aggressive response.
“You make me aware of stuff, day of, all the time,” he says. “My plan is to go and spend time with my other daughter. I don’t know if you care about doing that or not.”

WOW!  By the way, it’s unclear if all these times he’s speaking of are due to her job, which as we all know and he should have gathered during their dating period, is quite sporadic and often out of her control.
The conversation then transitions into LeToya expressing how she feels she has to fight for a place in her husband’s life and how she feels she’s always fighting to save their marriage.
“Your priority always has been Madison,” she says.

“It sure was,” he replies.

When they get to the airport, LeToya tries to convince him to stay so they can continue to work out their issues, but Tommi doesn’t want to. He tells her to “do you like you’ve always been doing,” and hops out of the truck.
“I’ll holla at you,” he says as he grabs his bags and walks inside. LeToya says she loves him and doesn’t say anything back.
Check it:

Fans have been sounding off on Twitter over the clip. Here are a few reactions:
When a person (Tommi) can’t handle being challenged, esp by someone he considers inferior (Letoya), he’s going to lash out, twist the truth to make him look innocent, etc. My *ex* husband did the same shit. And he’s a narcissist. So be careful Letoya. #FamilyHustle
— TV Addict (@TVAddict617) May 19, 2020
LeToya needs to curse Tommi ass OUT!!
Forget the therapy techniques and CUSS HIM OUT! He is sooooo rude
— Say (@_saysuccess) May 19, 2020
The fact Letoya said I love you and Tommi didn’t say it back has me pissed!! pic.twitter.com/cU7LfDtK7O
— CaptnOfDaCooLKidz (@ICanOnlyBeChino) May 19, 2020
LeToya Luckett and Tommi aren’t gonna make it. He is an awful husband to her.
— KeYuanna™ (@KEYW0RD) May 21, 2020
Tommi’s and Letoya’s relationship is so toxic. She should have never got pregnant by that man again. I see a divorce in the next year. Smh
— (@tgm___) May 21, 2020
Tommi went on that trip disgruntled and all. That man came back more elated than a bih. Come on now Letoya….. #FamilyHustle pic.twitter.com/qglgwu5jhL
— Ti Fifi (@Reignsaidso) May 19, 2020




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This too shall pass…in the meantime, keep smiling & walking in our purpose Mark 10:9
A post shared by Tommicus Walker (@tommicuswalker) on May 20, 2020 at 7:25pm PDT

After the episode aired, Tommi posted a picture of himself and LeToya with the caption, “This too shall pass…in the meantime, keep smiling & walking in our purpose Mark 10:9.”
Fans in the comments have been checking him for his behavior and he has been responding:

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