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Yesterday, I was surprised to learn that Christina Ricci had gotten an emergency protection order against her husband, James Heerdegen. The first reports of what went down were somewhat vague – we knew that Christina called the police and filed a report against her husband of seven years, but he was not arrested and we didn’t know what exactly had gone down. Well, in addition to getting the emergency (and temporary) protection order, it looks like Ricci filed for divorce and she’s seeking sole legal and physical custody of their son. TMZ also had some details about the incident that led to Ricci calling the cops:

Christina Ricci has just filed for divorce from her husband after almost 7 years of marriage … TMZ has learned. The “Casper” and “Addams Family” star filed in L.A. County Superior Court Thursday morning to divorce film producer James Heerdegen, whom Ricci met in 2011 while they working on the set of the show, “Pan Am.” They got married on October 26, 2013, in NYC.

Ricci cites irreconcilable differences as the reason why she wants to end the marriage. She’s asking for sole legal and physical custody of their 5-year-old son, Freddie.

Our sources say there is no prenup but Christina was the main money earner. And, then there’s this … Ricci was granted an emergency protective order by cops after an altercation in which she claims James spit on her. The altercation went down exactly a week ago in her L.A. home. Heerdegen, who was not arrested after the incident, has been ordered to stay away from Ricci. Ricci’s repped by attorney Samantha Spector in the divorce.

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He spit on her? That’s disgusting. It’s one of the most contemptuous things one person can do to another. It seems clear now that she reported it to the police to establish what happened legally. The marriage seemed to go downhill fast too – just days before the spitting incident, Ricci had posted a cutesy Instagram for Father’s Day. She really doesn’t post consistently and there’s very little personal stuff, so it was notable, I guess. Anyway, I feel sorry for her and it completely sucks that this happened. He sounds like a massive jackhole. I hope she and her son are safe and that they stay that way.

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