50 Cent and Lil Wayne are coming under fire for comments they made about exotical women while BASHING black women using stereotypical “angry black woman” tropes and overgeneralizations.  Tuh. More inside…
Can a black woman live without black men calling her angry? Sheesh!
50 Cent and Lil Wayne had a kiki session about exotical and black women during the newest episode of Wayne’s Young Money radio on Apple Music and it didn’t sit well with black women. At all.
The “Power” star/producer shared how he perceives “exotic” women and tells stories about how black women confronted him about lusting over exotic women:
“That sh*t is exotic! This sh*t looks a whole different from the sh*t you see in the neighborhood,” 50 Cent said during the interview. “In some kind of way it’s interesting to explore. But they get mad, they get angry. ‘How did you end up with this motherf***er?’ I’m like, ‘Huh?'”

As Fif said these things, Lil Wayne – a father to a dark-skinned young woman – laughed. 50 Cent is rumored to be dating Cuban Link, who is supposedly mixed with black and Puerto Rican. Wayne is rumored to be dating Denise Bidot, who is allegedly Puerto Rican and Kuwaiti.
Peep the clip below:

Here’s the full interview below:

Here’s Twitter’s reaction to Fif and Wayne’s conversation:
It’s really 50 cent for me getting on a platform watched by plenty of people and saying black women are angry and he needs someone exotic it never fails with these dudes
— Precious Nwozuzu (@queenprecious27) July 6, 2020
Bruh fuck lil Wayne and 50 cent. I’m so sick of black men making it seem like black women are jealous of women of other races.
— The Goddess (@VivannaVixxxen) July 5, 2020
It really bothers me that black men really feel bold enough and comfortable enough to openly bash black women when the world already hates us enough… I saw the clip from 50 Cent and Lil Wayne’s talk show.
— Gabrielle (@gabbyh0830) July 5, 2020
Just when you think Lil Wayne and 50 Cent can’t get anymore anti-black and colorist, they join forces and top themselves. Black women….PLEASE STOP SUPPORTING THESE ASHY NIGGAS.
— Where’s The $34,800,000?? (@BrrrLaStrange) July 5, 2020
50 cent and Lil Wayne are so toxic. They have black mothers but continuously bash black women. We all love to talk about racism but unfortunately some black men have self hatred reflected in their hate for black women. This is quietly swept under the rug.
— YomiBolo (@yomibolo) July 5, 2020
I don’t expect anything from Lil Wayne & 50 Cent but for Wayne to be laughing like he doesn’t have a black daughter sick of niggas being anti black women.
— (@Ravenlynn18) July 6, 2020
50 Cent making anti black women comments in this climate & you have that bozo Lil Wayne laughing in the video. 50 needs to get shot again obviously & Birdman needs to steal more money from Wayne obviously.
— F (@ohfads) July 5, 2020
I love Weezy but he let 50 Cent basically entrap him in conversations he shouldn’t be part of.
That shit about exotic women & black women being angry wasn’t wavy man.
Niggas with money out here wildin.
— CHASE. (@ChaseNCashe) July 6, 2020
We’re posting this solely so black women in particular can see who immaurely and dangerously and disrespectfully generalizes and downtalks us as a whole, so we can all make a more educated choice about who we will risk our bodies, voices and time to support when they’re mistreated as black men.
They spoke publicly about their generalization, so we have every right to speak publicly about ours in response.
We’re no longer expending energy defending anyone who unnecessarily bashes black women – especially when it’s done on white owned platforms – in front of white audiences and their white/exotical counterparts. Also, for the women who fit the “exotical” criteria these men and so many others vocally put on a pedastal, who choose to relish in being “chosen” and don’t speak up when anyone speaks down on black women, you’re complicit in the behavior and also problematic. There’s no need for black women to support your endeavors either if that’s the case.  People have so much energy to generalize and disrespect and push stereoptypes of black women as whole in a negative fashion while never once thanking or praising the life we give.  To everyone.
By the way, 50 Cent celebrates his 45th birthday today…
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