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Thank you Queen for always making us all feel so loved through your art ♥️♥️

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Before we get to the context of this, check out ADELE. Our Adele. Adele Adkins, the Adele who used to be a redhead. Adele who cried singing “Someone Like You” live in front of an audience at the BRIT Awards. We’ve gotten glimpses of Adele’s makeover several times over the past two years, but I thought the makeover just involved her significant weight loss. But it looks as if Adele has changed her hair (and her face!) as she’s lost weight. Who would have thought all those years ago that Adele would one day move to California, drop some serious weight and go blonde. And it looks like she has a weird perm now too. What is that?? Adele has always had straight-ish red hair. I don’t even know anymore.

As for the context of this photo – Adele was watching Black Is King on Disney-plus. Somehow, she has a matching top, worn by Beyonce in the movie/art-piece. Did Beyonce send it to her? Possibly/probably. Bey and Adele are quite friendly, although I think it’s more like “mutual respect between two A-list singers” rather than Beyonce and Adele being BFFs who hang out regularly. But Adele really does worship Bey (she’s totally a member of the Hive) and I could see Beyonce sending her this top.

Some people are claiming that Adele has lost close to 100 pounds, which… I don’t think it’s that much. She lost weight consistently after giving birth to her son, and then she went on a diet ahead of her tour for 25. My point is that she’s been losing weight consistently for years, probably with some backsliding and weight gains here and there, but things didn’t get this drastic until the past two years. I think it’s more like she’s lost about 50 pounds over the past two years. Which is still remarkable.

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Photos courtesy of Adele’s IG.
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