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As I get older, my tolerance for men’s shenanigans and malarkey is at an all-time low. That’s what makes me understand these May-December romances though – women in their 40s and 50s want no part of someone like Mr. Hamface himself, Sean Penn. The younger women are the only ones who will have him. They’re the ones buying his “tortured artist” bulls–t. Women past a certain age see that crap for what it is: ham drama. Anyway, 28-year-old Leila George has tied herself legally to 59-year-old Sean Penn. Ugh.

Sean Penn and girlfriend Leila George appear to have taken the next step in their relationship. The actor, who turns 60 this month, and the actress, 28, recently tied the knot, according to their friend, philanthropist Irena Medavoy.

“We are so happy for @leilageorge #seanpenn getting married. We love you,” Medavoy wrote in a celebratory social media post on Friday, alongside a slideshow of images, including a photo that showed off the actress’ blue engagement ring, as well as a pair of matching gold rings worn by the couple.

“We are over the moon to find your soul mate true partner,” she added. “You are meant to be together God Bless you both.”

Rosanna Arquette also wished the couple well in the comments section, writing, “Wonderful. 🎶 Love and light,” while Josh Brolin replied with a series of heart emojis.

The pair’s marriage comes just days after they were spotted in Los Angeles, grabbing dinner with the actor’s 26-year-old son Hopper.

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Something that’s a little bit crazy to me is that Leila seems to have taken after her mother, Greta Scacchi, entirely and she doesn’t look a bit like her father, Vincent D’Onofrio. I wonder what D’Onofrio thinks of this. Would your father approve of your marriage to a 59-year-old ham when you were 28? Oof. Anyway, congrats to Sean and Leila. I feel like this will end in disaster, but what do I know. They have legitimately been together for four years now, so it’s not some sudden thing. That doesn’t necessarily make it better though!

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