Fans are calling on Netflix to CANCEL one of its newest reality series, “Million Dollar Beach House.” The reason? Racist vibes. We’ve got exclusive details about two of the show’s stars reaching out in an effort to have the petition taken down. Get it all inside…
Did Netflix read the room before releasing their new show “Million Dollar Beach House?” It’s a pertinent question to ask being that the streaming service is being called out for allowing racism following the new series’ debut.
A little backstory…
”Million Dollar Beach House” is a reality show about a group of young and hungry real estate brokers and agents – part of the Nest Seekers International – selling multi-million dollar homes in The Hamptons. It’s seemingly the successor to Netflix’s “Selling Sunset” reality show where agents at The Oppenheim Group sell the luxe life to affluent buyers in LA.
However, “Million Dollar Beach House” has stirred up some controversy after the release of its first six episodes. There’s only one black cast member on the show and fans are feeling racist vibes. Oh no! Not on Netflix!
The show was the 2nd most-watched series on Netflix last weekend and viewers have had plenty to say about it on social media.
Netflix’s new reality offering, Million Dollar Beach House, is a master class in how mediocre racist white dudes fail up
— Emma Gray (@emmaladyrose) August 26, 2020

”Netflix’s new reality offering, Million Dollar Beach House, is a master class in how mediocre racist white dudes fail up,” Huffington Post writer Emma Gray tweeted.
Several other viewers felt the same:
Am I the only one getting racist vibes from Million Dollar Beach House on @Netflix? Just a couple episodes in & all the annoying white people are ganging up on the only black male.
— S K Y L A R (@Sky_Dubz) August 26, 2020

Why did I decide to watch Million Dollar Beach House?? In light of our present day landscape, @netflix should know better than to have shows filled with racist behavior + micro aggressions. Peggy is a straight up racist & Michael is her accomplice, creating fake problems w/ Noel.
— Cheryl Nembhard (@CherylNembhard) August 29, 2020

If you’ve ever had trouble understanding microagressions watch episode 1 of Netflix Million Dollar Beach House
— Gabrielle Howell (@howell_snab) August 26, 2020

I literally turned it off after the first 8 minutes. This shit did it for me…didn’t need to watch anymore #MillionDollarBeachHouse
— Ser Duncan these wenches (@el_chrispo) August 27, 2020

There’s a black guy on this show called Million Dollar Beach house and there’s a black guy on there and all his colleagues are white and they hate him.
— #EndGBV (@ClixWell) August 26, 2020

Many viewers feel the show feel like Noel – the only black cast member – was given the stereotypical “villain edit.”
Another fun thing is that the only meaningful storyline seems to be the one Black man fighting with the one white woman??? #MillionDollarBeachHouse
— Emma Gray (@emmaladyrose) August 26, 2020
It seems the main drama on the show involves Noel and his co-star Peggy, the only female broker. While Noel and Peggy bicker back and forth, co-stars Michael, J.B., and Jimmy instigate causing the drama to explode.
@netflix cancel million dollar beach house and give noel and joel their own spin-off
— katie jo (@katiejoyofosho) August 26, 2020

Not only that, Noel’s co-stars often seem irritated that he’s so confident and ambitious. Hmph. The microagressions most black folks are used to being on the receiving end of.
Also, considering the climate of society right now with everything going on revolving around racial and social injustice, the show just seems tone deaf. Watching a white woman humiliate a black man on national television isn’t exactly entertaining. And let us not even get into the fact the show totally omits black women agents or any other agents of color (similar to “Selling Sunset,” aside from one agent who is Israeli and one who is half African-American and half caucasian). That’s another topic for another day.
Well, an Instagram user started a petition to get Netflix to cancel – what they deem – the “racist” show. Here’s what the petition is demanding and why:
The blatant racism, disrespect and white supremacy vibes of Netflix’s Million Dollar Beach House are reflective of the racism Blacks have endured for centuries. The cast’s treatment of the show’s only Black character – Noel Roberts – defies your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and your support of Black storytelling. It is pointless to allow the characters, specifically Peggy Zabakolas and Mike Fulfree, be so insensitive and cruel.
The evil of racism is on full display in the first season of Million Dollar Beach House. The show demonstrates that racism is still alive all over America. This show glorifies racism and minimizes its impact on marginalized groups. Our country is at a very critical juncture and it is very likely that the show will continue to encourage others to promote racism, hate, discrimination and violence against Blacks. We must face the fact that we still have much to do in the area of race relations. Do your part by cancelling Million Dollar Beach House.

You can sign the petition here.
”Million Dollar Beach House” stars Noel and Michael caught wind of the petition and hopped in an IG user’s DMs (@mixthatcreolewiththatnegro) to ask them to take the petition down.

”Hi. Thanks for your support,” Noel wrote. “But I’m going to need you to cancel that petition.”
The user asked, “Why?”
Then, Noel asked for his phone number for a conversation.

Michael hopped in the user’s DMs as well – first attempting to video chat. 

At the time, the IG user couldn’t chat and asked what questions he had. Michael responded, “No questions. Just want to connect with you on a human level. We don’t want to be that show that doesn’t converse with the viewers and their concerns. Seems like you’re getting a lot of traction on your post jeeze.”
As you can see, the cast members are trying hard to keep the racism narrative from spreading. But, it seems to be too late. People have already formed their opinions about the show and they’re running with it. Following the death of George Floyd and the raging protests that have continued since his death, Netflix stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. They even launched a “Black Lives Matter” category on the streaming service.
Many would argue that in order for black lives to matter to Netflix they would have to be more conscious about what shows they’re streaming because, apparently, “Million Dollar Beach House” isn’t it. No word from the streaming giant about the show….yet.
Sigh, now we want to remove this show from “My List” before we even got to watch….
Photo: Chloe Gifkins/Netflix