It’s no secret that 90 Day Fiance stars do not make much money — from the show, anyway.

Beginning stars may make as little as $500 per episode.

Even veterans of the series generally don’t make much more than $1,500 per episode despite the intense popularity of the series.

Some of the stars are able to leverage their fame, becoming influencers and marketing themselves for more than TLC ever dreamed of paying them.

Many just end up keeping their day jobs.

And a few have used their fame to launch their own brands and businesses.

Take a look below and see what the stars, past and present, do for a living. The ones that we know about, anyway.

1. Anfisa Nava

Anfisa nava selfie with cat
Rumor has it that Anfisa was doing cam work back in Russia when she and Jorge first met. Since coming to the US, she has rebranded as a businesswoman, taking a series of business classes. At this rate, the gold diggers will be coming for HER, soon.

2. Jorge Nava

Jorge nava was released from prison
Before his unjust incarceration, Jorge was working in the legal marijuana business in California. He has expressed his hope that, now that he is free, he can get back into that line of work without too many obstacles. He has also expressed an openness to further appearances on reality television.

3. Larissa Lima

Larissa lima in september 2020
Larissa has only made limited use of her potential for Instagram ads — explaining that her body image issues made her feel sadly unworthy of showcasing some products. All of that changed after she underwent five cosmetic procedures in 2020. Larissa became one of CamSoda’s top 5 earners of all time with a one-hour, fairly PG-13 show and is also posting alluring but non-nude content on OnlyFans. Her real moneymaker is Cameo, where her videos for fans have allowed her to rake in tens of thousands of dollars.

4. Nicole Nafziger

Nicole nafziger in starbucks visor
Aside from the occassional Instagram ad, Nicole has made most of her living from being a Starbucks barista. In 2020, after her return from spending an unplanned five months in Morocco, she revealed that though she has a lot of love for her Starbucks family, she believes that it is time to move on.

5. Molly Hopkins

Molly hopkins flaunts weight loss
Molly already had a successful lingerie business before she ever appeared on 90 Day Fiance. Since rising to fame, she has plugged her business and also advertised dubious weight loss teas.

6. Mohamed Jbali

Mohamed jbali drives for fedex
After his less-than-amicable breakup with Danielle, Mohamed moved to Texas. More recently, he took up work as a truck driver, working long days and weeks on the road. While he does not plan on doing this particular job forever, he hopes that the job will give him a solid financial foundation.

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