Leah Messer has been through an awful lot in her life.

Way too much, honestly.

A lot of it we’ve seen in her years on Teen Mom 2, and she revealed a lot more when she released her first memoir earlier this year.

But now, in a new interview, she’s opening up even more …

And we’re honestly pretty shocked at what she has to say.

1. Looking Back

Leah messer is struggling
If you’ve been a Teen Mom fan for a while, then you’re probably very familiar with Leah’s rough years, right?

2. Sad

Leah on teen mom 2 photo
This was when she was struggling with pretty much everything, when her marriage to Jeremy Calvert was falling apart, when she actually nodded off on camera …

3. Oh No

Leah messer on teen mom 2
She ended up going to a treatment center at this time, and while she said that her issues were with depression and anxiety, pretty much everyone thought that she was actually on drugs.

4. Yep

Leah vents
And years later, she finally admitted that drugs were her real problem back then.

5. Heartbreaking

Leah in her yard
Some of this she’s said in interviews, some of it was in her memoir, but the story is that she had a really difficult time giving birth to her youngest daughter, Addie.

6. Pain Problems

Leah messer on a mountain
She was left in a lot of pain, so her doctors prescribed her painkillers. And when she told then she was still in pain, they threw in some Valium, too.

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