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Did Donald Trump or his campaign ever apologize for leaving thousands of people stranded in the dark in Omaha this week? Trump did a late-night rally at an airport hanger in Omaha, and the campaign bused people in. Even the people who drove to the Nazi rally on their own had to park miles away. Then once Trump boarded Air Force One, the lights were turned off and there were no working buses or shuttles. It was below freezing that night, and people were cold and stranded and a dozen seniors had to be hospitalized. Well, it happened again, only this time it was in the Florida heat.

A crowded Trump rally in steamy Tampa, Florida, on Thursday resulted in 17 attendees needing medical attention, with a dozen being taken to the hospital, fire officials told NBC News. Trump spoke for just under an hour in 87-degree heat at the event outside of Raymond James Stadium to a largely mask-less group of supporters.

A fire truck at the rear of the rally sprayed water in the air to rain down on some rallygoers, but the heat was too much for some attendees, many of whom had been waiting for hours. Tampa Fire Rescue said one of the attendees fainted and another had a seizure. The other 10 who were taken to the hospital were just listed as “sick” with no other details.

The incident came two days after 30 rallygoers in Omaha, Nebraska, needed medical attention after transportation issues resulted in hundreds of attendees being stuck for hours in the freezing cold. Officials said seven were taken to area hospitals with a variety of ailments. The temperature in the area was in the mid-30s at the time but as low as 27 degrees with wind chill.

The Trump campaign blamed the delay on “local road closures” that held up their shuttle buses.

“We always strive to provide the best guest experience at our events and we care about their safety,” the campaign said Wednesday.

The weather impacted another Trump rally planned for North Carolina later on Thursday, which was called off because of high winds. “Very bad weather, the wind was terrible. We were forced to do it for safety reasons,” Trump told NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell during a stop at Fort Bragg. “We’re re-doing it on Monday.”

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Someone pointed out on Twitter that for local Floridians, 87-degree heat is nothing, which makes me wonder how many people came in from out-of-state or they were possibly flown in by the campaign or something. But yeah – it’s this completely bizarre parallel story in the final month of the election, which is that Donald Trump is actively trying to kill his supporters. He’s trying to kill them with maskless super-spreader events and he’s trying to kill them by leaving them stranded or stuck in horrible conditions. I mean, I don’t feel sorry for any of his Nazi rally attendees. Clearly, they’re ride-or-die for him, emphasis on the “die.”

Speaking of the pandemic – which has killed more than 229,000 Americans on Trump’s watch – while he was in Tampa, Trump said that as soon as the election was over, Democrats were going open up their states, and that lockdown measures were just a political tool to make him look bad.

And then he said this to the packed crowd, with no social distancing and few masks.

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