Issa Rae’s iconic (yeah, we said it) mirror talks just got a makeover with her own voting PSA.  It’s the hype-me-up America needs right now to make sure ALL bases are covered this election, plus Color of Change joins in with the “We’re no longer asking you, we’re TELLING you” energy.  More inside.

Issa Rae is hyping up folks to get in the game, whether you’re 18 or not.  The “Insecure” star is encouraging millennials and Gen Zers who are 16+ to BE A HERO & BE A POLL WORKER, in this WarnerMedia/OneFifty sponsored NAACP Legal Defense Fund voter PSA.
Did you know that 55% of poll workers are over 60 years old?  Makes sense, considering folks in younger demographics are typically at school and work all day.  But, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, it is not as safe for the elderly. So more young poll workers are needed during this very important election, now more than ever. And folks are taking heed – people are giving their time to working the polls so we make sure ALL votes are counted and all voices are heard, properly. Because y’all know folks will TRY it this election season.
Issa says young people drove the heroic groundswell of social protests and courageous public stands for racial justice all across America and can continue this movement to creating greater representation, liberty, and justice for all by becoming a heroic poll worker and making a true difference.   We gotta agree.
Another way to be a hero to the people:

Film director Candice Vernon serves up a powerful PSA, thanks to WarnerMedia/OneFifty and Color of Change, telling us to vote early, because this moment is ours.  For sure!
The message so powerfully stated is that our generation of creators and disruptors are able to “Paint a new picture, one page at a time, and ONE VOTE AT A TIME.”  We’ve been on the front lines fighting for social justice, and the marathon continues at the ballot to vote in the change we want and deserve. History is made by everyday people when we get out to VOTE EARLY! Promise.
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