Rapper Lil Boosie is still recovering from getting shot several days ago, and apparently, things aren’t looking good.  Maybe not as bad as people are saying, though. His manager clears the air about the amputation rumors, inside.
The block has been hot in Houston and Dallas for weeks now. And the shocking shooting death of Dallas rapper MO3 last week, who was also signed to Boosie’s Trill Entertainment, brought friction in Texas to a boiling point. 

While rumors ran rampant about who shot Mo3 on Interstate 90 and ran him down in broad daylight, Boosie made it clear it’s Trill Ent. over everything.  And it seems folks haven’t been taking too kindly to that – especially MO3’s alleged enemies.

When Boosie headed to Dallas over the weekend for the city’s balloon release in MO3’s honor, Boosie’s sprinter van was shot up – in broad daylight once again.  Despite his sprinter being bullet proof, he was struck in the leg and rushed to the hospital.
According to reports:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Boosie was shot at in Dallas Saturday, after rolling through town in what we’re told was a sprinter van near a strip mall called Big T’s Plaza. Yesterday evening, he stopped by another venue to pay his respects to recently murdered Dallas rapper Mo3 — who was a friend and collaborator of his.


At some point, somebody opened fire on the vehicle and one of the bullets struck Boosie in the leg. We’re told the shooters booked it, and Boosie and co. made their way to a hospital, where he was treated for a gunshot wound below the knee.


At first, his team was seemingly trying to hide the fact he was hit.  Then news from hospital sources confirmed he was definitely injured, but seemingly the situation was non life threatening.
But that was about the extent of the good news as he had to go through multiple leg surgeries. 
Boosie – from an alleged acocunt of his – posted to his social media that he’s “not doing that good”:

Rumors then began swirling on social media that he needed a leg or foot amputation, due to his diabetes condition that often causes life threatening clotting.
Boosie’s manager Louis posted that those amputation reports are false.

There’s also unverified IG accounts claiming to be Boosie – that popped up after he was banned – claiming he said he’s “ok but needs operations that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.”
TMZ gave an update as well saying he did get surgeries, but his legs and feet are still in tact:
Boosie Badazz went under the knife after getting shot in the leg, but surgeons didn’t remove his foot … and he’s already home from the hospital. Sources close to Boosie tell TMZ … he did NOT get his foot amputated — contrary to reports — but he did have a couple of surgeries for his gunshot wound.
Our sources say Boosie had a procedure to remove bullet fragments, and he had some screws put in to make sure his foot properly heals. Boosie has diabetes, which led to speculation about potential amputation, but we’re told the only medical decisions in relation to his diabetes had to do with his pre-surgery diet.

He’s staying off his feet, but doing features still though:


Hopefully folks calm down with all the shooting and choosing of sides.


Photo: Boosie’s IG