Megan Thee Stallion and her now ex bestie Kelsey Nicole have been at each others’ necks ever since that night Meg got shot after leaving Kylie Jenner’s house, but the masses have been confused on why. Meg’s “Shots Fired” track and Kelsey’s “Bussin Back” response might be shedding some light on the drama.  And Kelsey’s not the only one coming for Meg….
What’s REALLY good with folks?  Meg seems to not bother anyone, while bothering EVERYONE.  While fighting toxic masculinity and misogynoir ever since she hit the scene, and even moreso after she named Tory Lanez as her alleged shooter, “rappers” and friends are flipping on her too.
Kelsey Nicole – her friend from college who turned into her day 1 fan and bestie always by her side, in all the videos, and all over Meg’s social media – has been giving her side of that wild night that Megan got shot.  It’s been unclear why she and Meg seemingly fell out – unfollowing each other and taking subliminal disses at each other – after that night.  Then, rumors began flying about Kelsey maybe feeling some type of way about Tory and Meg because she allegedly was messing with Tory first. Other rumors claimed she’s simply jealous of her bestie’s career that has been flourishing despite all the hate.

When Meg dropped her debut studio album Good News, she kicked ish off with a bang, going in on both Kelsey and Tory on the intro track “Shots Fired.”  Listen above.
Weeks before Meg dropped her album, Kelsey was on IG happily hanging with Meg’s sometimes nemesis, 300 Entertainment label founder Carl Crawford. It’s interesting, since Kelsey was vocal in defending Meg back when Carl was trying to hem her up in her contract and was publicly airing her out about a year ago.

We guess the enemy of your enemy is your friend?
Now, Kelsey’s popping back after she heard “Shots Fired”.

After going on IG Live where she accused Meg of smashing a man she was smashing (folks think she’s talking about Tory) and also accusing her of being a bad friend, she released her own song.  If you want to call it that.




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Meg previously alluded to Kelsey taking money to stay quiet when folks were asking why Kelsey wasn’t defending her as rumors flew that Meg wasn’t really shot. Kelsey responded about that, and rapped that if she was responsible for pulling the trigger, it would have been a murder. 
Lawd.  Listen below:

Meg took to Twitter and IG with these messages right after the track was released :




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What a mess.
Kelsey’s not the only one coming for Meg. A Toronto rapper named CHROMAZZ (yeah, this is our first time hearing about her too) recently dropped a diss track entitled “Marcus Thee Stallion.” We’re not here for calling black women – especially brown skin black women who don’t fall into your “exotical” typicalities – masculine. Not in the least. And it’s quite gross of another woman with that “exotical privilege” to do this out of the blue to a black woman.

Of course, it was a clout chasing effort to get attention for her twerking in a bikini while calling Meg every name in the book.
This is what happens when folks make anybody and everybody feel comfortable enough to come into the culture and disrespect black women. 
Go figure.
It’s been a tumultuous year for Meg – losing her mother and grandmother and navigating this new landscape alone – and we’re here for the continuous glow up she deserves.
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