Benedict Cumberbatch is like 99% of British actors, in that he is absolutely hopeless at American accents, especially regional American accents. His Southern accent in The Mauritanian’s trailer is distressingly bad, oh my God. The story (based on the real case) looks interesting though. [LaineyGossip]
This clip of a bonkers conspiracist testifying in Michigan is…wow. [Towleroad]
Katie Holmes, still strolling with Emilio Vitolo. [JustJared]
What are your favorite traditions, holiday or otherwise? [GFY]
No one knows what Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Oreos will taste like. [Pajiba]
Katie Porter didn’t even need her White Board of Vengeance to destroy Steve Mnunchin yesterday. I love her!! [Jezebel]
Emily Blunt is promoting Wild Mountain Thyme. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Ross Matthews lost 50 lbs, good for him. [Dlisted]
90 Day Fiance is getting streaming spin-offs. [Starcasm]
Mario Lopez has glowing balls. [Seriously OMG]

Benedict Cumberbatch at arrivals for Cam...