So you know that thing that Farrah Abraham does where she makes just a really dumb decision and then everybody gets mad at her about it?

Of course you do — it’s pretty much her entire brand.


But if by some chance you don’t know what we’re talking about, then just understand that Farrah is the worst and she does bad things almost constantly.

For example, she once admitted in an interview that she and her daughter, Sophia, take nude photos of each other and save them in their phones.

Sophia was about nine years old at the time.

And then there was the time where she recorded herself hitting Sophia in the face with a sex toy.

Farrah & Sophia in 2020

We also can’t forget the fact that Farrah has been homeschooling Sophia for years now, because she really does seem to be intent on destroying her kid’s chance at any kind of normal, successful future.

Notice how all of these bad choices have to do with her parenting?

That’s because parenting is where Farrah’s awfulness really shines — and it’s what we’re going to be talking about today.

So Farrah runs an Instagram account for Sophia, right?

Farrah and Sophia Skincare Routine

You can tell it’s usually her on the account because of the strange, alarming way in which she communicates — the captions on the posts are filled to the brim with her signature word salad.

Yesterday she posted a short little video of Sophia putting some sprinkles in some cupcakes, but followers didn’t pay much attention to the baking.

Instead, they mostly just noticed that 11-year-old Sophia was wearing heavy makeup, including fake eyelashes.

And that is not great.

Sophia with fake lashes

As one person explained, “That’s a lot of makeup for a 10 yr old … she’s a kid … let her enjoy being a kid.”

She’s 11, but the point still stands.

One of Sophia’s followers wrote, “The eyelashes are a little too much,” and another commented “Omg she has on lashes no ma’am.”

In a comment addressed directly to Farrah, someone wrote “You really need to reconsider your parenting skils and how much you allow your 10-12 year old to do and wear.”

Sophia with fake lashes again

And one mother even offered a little sympathy for the lashing Farrah was getting, admitting she lets her own daughter play with makeup, but still, “this is a lot and the lashes are a little too much.”

Then one comment just read “CPS.”

Along the same lines, one particularly annoyed person said that “She has no positive role models. She’s doomed. She’d be better off in foster care. Legit.”

Finally, one comment summed up everything pretty well: “Wtffff Farrah she don’t need lashes bih.”

Farrah Abraham Gestures Excitedly

Is this the worst thing Farrah has ever done?

No, of course not — like, we just talked about those weird nudes a little bit ago, come on.

But it’s still an example of Farrah’s biggest problem, which is the way she treats Sophia like a friend and not a child.

Do you think this is a big deal?

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