Former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” couple Brandi Boyd and Max Lux were involved in a domestic violence situation that played out on Instagram Live. The audio clip from the altercation is quite disturbing. More inside…
There’s some wicked things going on behind closed doors that have come to light.
Reality star Brandi Boyd and her husband Max Lux (real name Marcus Boyd) got into a heated altercation that ended up playing out via Instagram Live last night. The exchange was captured in an Instagram Live stream, although the screen was blacked out and fans could only hear what was going on and that in itself was very telling…and scary.
In the audio clip you can hear Brandi and Max – who have been married for 17 years – arguing with one another as their young daughter, Cadence, cries in the background. It’s unclear what was happening, but the tone of Max’s voice as he spoke to his wife pretty much tells you everything you need to know about what was happening.
“I ain’t your motherf*ckin’ clumsy a**, goofy a** n*gga b*tch,” he says in the clip as his daughter cries. “B*tch, f*ck you! You got that through your head yet? You got that through your head, b*tch? I’m not with your program,” he continues.
“Last time y’all see him beating on me. Never again will you beat on me,” Brandi tells her children after Max’s rant.

The audio then jumps to Max accusing Brandi for “disrespecting” him by telling someone named Ronnie” that he was beating on her.
“You think you’re going to disrespect me to the world, Brandi?!” Max yelles. “Is that what you think?! You’re not! You’re not.”

You can hear Brandi instructing someone (believed to be her son, Brandus) to call for help.
“Call 911 Brandus. Your sister just got hit in the lips,” she says.
“Call them yourself, bi*tch, before I fu*ck you up,” Max responds.

TRIGGER WARNING! You can listen to the disturbing audio clip below:
Brandi B husband Max is about to kill her . If you know her call 911 now!
— Fee the goat (@Feewiththetea) December 8, 2020

After the altercation, Max put up the post below and then decided to make his Instagram private:

”N*ggas never tell how to run my sh*t we full blown with the business you’ll get scoped quick,” he writes in the caption that features a picture of himself holding an assault rifle.
He then denied he hit his wife: 




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“First off f*ck y’all I ain’t hit nobody u lame ass mnfs,” he explains. “Second I’ll pop sh*t in my crib when ever the f*ck I feel like 17 years old relationship eat a d*ck chat n*ggas u wasn’t here from jump so fall back.”

Not long after a post on Brandi’s IG Stories and IG account popped up, defending her husband. In the post, she claims she was choking him.

“I am fine he didn’t touch me I was choking him and fighting him all he did was verbal abuse me back I am sorry for going Live I did that to force us to take space knowing he wouldn’t want to argue on Live please pray for my family the devil is attacking so strong,” she explains.
Fans in the comments don’t believe she wrote that post. They believe he has her phone and he’s the one who put that up.
On his own IG, he shared a video of his children with claims that everyone in the household are just fine:
Max Lux shares a message for anyone concerned about his children.
— TheShadeRoom (@TheShadeRoom) December 8, 2020

Fellow “LAHH: Hollywood” star Hazel-E hopped in Brandi’s comments on IG, asking her to give her a call. She then posted a sub aimed at Max on her IG Stories:

Back in August, Brandi hopped on IG and reportedly shared a video of herself crying, however, she didn’t explain what caused her to cry. Several of her fans suspected abuse in the comments after they noticed she had bruises on her arms. She has since deleted the post.




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We pray Brandi has a strong support system that will help her get FAR away from this man before he seriously hurts her. This situation is toxic for everyone, especially their children!
Photo: VH1