Common had to set the record straight about how involved his girlfriend Tiffany Haddish actually was on his road to getting abs in time for his “Sexiest Man Alive” feature. More inside…
He’s a rapper. He’s an actor. He’s an Oscar winner. And now, he can add “sexy” to his resume.
Common stripped off his shirt for his photoshoot feature in PEOPLE’s 2020 Sexiest Man Alive issue. And his girlfriend Tiffany Haddish took all of the credit for his washboard abs.
Chatting with PEOPLE in this week’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, @common — who has spent the year quarantining with girlfriend Tiffany Haddish — opens up about grooming and eating healthy, even during the coronavirus pandemic. Watch the full special:
— People (@people) November 20, 2020

While hosting an episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the Girls Trip actress made it known she helped whip her 48-year-old boyfriend into shape.
“I helped him with those abs,” the 40-year-old comedienne joked. “Now, y’all can look but you can’t touch, alright? That’s for me.”

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The award winning artist, author and activist has been spending a lot of time in quarantine with Tiffany. He appeared on an episode of “Tamron Hall” recently to explain Tiff had a little to do with it, but he put in hard work to get his new bawd.
“She contributed to a certain degree, but only by inspiring. You know, when you have a great partner you want to look good, you want to make them proud too. But let’s face it, I want to be great. I knew I was going to be seen by a lot of people, my friends was gonna be talking ‘bout me, laughing at me, or being like, damn, I need to get into the gym. So I wanted to show off, you know… I mean, Tiffany wanted to take the credit, she gets some credit, but she’s not getting all the credit.”

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”The Chi” star/executive producer revealed the passing of his father (from prostate cancer) encouraged him to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
“It is something that, whether we feel invincible or whether we are fearful of what the diagnosis may be, something that we don’t, as Black men, put our focus on health and wellness. And I don’t want to generalize and say we all don’t, but I think a big portion of us don’t focus on those things,” he said.

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And he shared his anti-aging secret: going vegan.
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It appears Common’s healthy lifestyle change is rubbing off on Tiffany. She’s currently in the middle of a 30-day fitness challenge:




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fit and fine couple!
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