Betty Gibbs wants to control everything about her 27-year-old son, Brandon Gibbs.

The 90 Day Fiance villain has taken a particular eye to his engagement, mandating where the grown adults sleep and more.

Betty even tried to force Brandon to change their wedding date, though this time he stood up for Julia Trubkina’s wishes.

But in a new interview, Betty is insisting that she is not the bad guy that everyone sees.

Brandon's mom Betty makes a Dr's Appointment for Julia

Reality TV villain and ambulatory hair museum Betty Gibbs sat down with The Progress-Index to reflect upon her experiences on 90 Day Fiance.

“Since the day he was born, no matter how close or far we are from each other physically,” Betty says, “nothing will ever sever the bond between Ron, Brandon, and I.”

In other words, she’s confident that nearly three decades of relentless control have put her hooks in too deep for Brandon to ever go no-contact.

Brandon tells his mother Betty he and Julia are rawdogging it

“At first, I didn’t think they would have a chance given how many couples are out there with their same K-1 visa situation,” Betty admits of when Brandon told her about his application to do the show.

“But when it happened, my first thoughts to him were: Wow, this is crazy, I hope you’ve thought this out well,” she recalls.

Betty continues: “Know there will be good and bad times both during filming and regarding feedback on social media.”

Betty Gibbs sees "red flags" in Julia Trubkina objections (wtf?)

“And If you do it, try to have fun because this will just be a blip in time that you will remember always,” Betty notes.

As for appearing on the show, Betty says that it’s “Surreal. I don’t think it fully hit any of us until we started seeing the show trailers and commercials.”

She adds: “The first time you see yourself on national TV, it is very strange.” 

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina make out at the airport

“We got to know her very early in their relationship while she video chatted with Brandon every morning as we had our breakfast and coffee together,” Betty says of Julia.

She describes: “She was always smiling and sweet, but her English was not the best.”

“As time went on,” Betty appraises, “it did get better and better.”

Julia Trubkina - Betty didn't ask me if I *wanted* to help ...

“One of the cutest things ever was when Brandon was trying to help Julia learn English,” Betty details.

“He would use children’s flashcards that had a picture with the word underneath it,” she adds.

“She really picked up the language fast,” Betty shares, “as did Brandon trying to learn Russian.”

Brandon Gibbs tries to bribe dad with wine

“Our first face-to-face was when we were all in France together.” Betty reveals.

“Brandon and I went to the airport to pick up Julia and her parents when they arrived from Russia,” she says.

“When they came thru the doorway at arrivals, she immediately gave Brandon then me a hug…as did her Mom and Dad,” Betty shares. “That seemed to start things off on a good foot.”

Brandon Gibbs mom Betty explains yes, she's really that pushy

Did Betty really call the gynecologist against the wishes of a grown woman, or was that producer meddling?

“Oh yes, I absolutely called her. In that scene, she was calling me back,” Betty confesses as if she hadn’t done anything wrong.

She explains: “Julia doesn’t believe in medicine or birth control because of the negative effects she has seen with some of her friends in Russia.”

Betty Gibbs tries to demand a different wedding date

“I felt it was my parental duty to help them,” Betty says as if she weren’t describing two grown adults.

“Especially knowing they were not wanting to have children yet until they were in a better, more stable situation,” she adds.

“I would never force anything specific or make her/their decision for birth control,” Betty claims. “But, I did want them to make an intelligent decision and without talking to a professional, I didn’t feel they could.”

Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs "gifted" with condoms

On the flip side, Betty says that she is not the bad guy when it comes to the infamous bowl of chocolate and condoms.

Apparently, the family friend Aspen did that wildly inappropriate move while the family was picking up Julia, and so they had no idea.

“I had no clue she was going to do that,” Betty admits. “Of course, everyone is giving me credit or blaming me for that.”

Julia Trubkina laughs at condom

But Betty’s ridiculous, controlling objections to Brandon and Julia’s wedding date was 100% real.

“That is one thing that I did feel adamant about. They can’t see it now, but Julia would not like it in the future when her anniversary has to compete with all the mothers of the world,” she says.

Betty then suggests: “Try to get a table in a restaurant for dinner Mother’s Day weekend.” One, reservations exist. Two, literally it’s not her business so, um, who cares what she thinks.

Brandon Gibbs "blocked" by mom

“With age comes wisdom … but, everyone is painting me as the bad guy,” Betty, who is absolutely the bad guy, laments.

She then throws back her head and laughs.

It must be amazing to go through life with zero self-awareness even when millions of people cringe at your poor decisions every week.

Brandon Gibbs feels put on the spot with Julia Trubkina, parents

“My 90 Day experience was mostly fun, at times deeply emotional, sometimes exhausting,” Betty describes.

“And overall,” she assesses, “a great experience thanks to all the wonderful people we were able to work with.”

Weirdly, Betty did not address the worst of her wrongdoings — forcing Brandon and Julia to sleep in separate bedrooms — at all in the interview. Does she correctly feel shame over that?

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