Hey, did you want to get annoyed by some Kardashian-Jenner nonsense today?

Well, you’re in luck!

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So the whole family has an awful lot of money, right?

Kylie Jenner in particular got a lot of attention a couple of years ago for being named the world’s youngest “self-made” billionaire, and while her estimated net worth has dropped a bit since then, she’s still the wealthiest member of her family.

Which is why it’s so extremely bizarre that a few days ago, she hopped on Instagram to ask her fans for donations.

To be clear, it’s not like she asked for personal donations.

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She promoted a GoFundMe for a celebrity makeup artist named Samuel Rauda who was involved in a bad car accident earlier this month — an accident that caused severe brain injuries.

According to the GoFundMe page, organized by a family member, Sam had major surgery last week, and they need help to pay for that and for other medical expenses.

Originally they were asking for $60,000, but since they’ve gotten so much attention, they’ve currently raised almost $100,000, and they’ve raised the goal to $120,000.

“May God watch over you and protect you,” Kylie wrote about him on her Instagram stories.

Kylie gofundme

She then told her followers “Everyone take a moment to say a prayer for Sam who got into an accident this past weekend. And swipe up to visit his family’s GoFundMe.”

And this rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

On one hand, it was a very nice gesture.

She has well over 200 million Instagram followers, so she has an enormous reach for this kind of thing, and she could get an awful lot of people to pray for her friend, as she requested, and to donate.

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She didn’t have to do anything, obviously, but she helped to spread the word, and she also donated $5,000 to the fundraiser.

But on the other hand, Kylie Jenner trying to raise money for anything like this was never going to go over well.

She’s just got so much money, and the general consensus is that it shouldn’t have been a big deal for her to have just dropped the orignal $60K for someone who seems to be her friend.

To explain more about why so many people are taking issue with this, let’s check out what the good people of Twitter are saying about it.

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“Um Kylie Jenner could buy the f-cking moon and she’s doing a GoFundMe for someone who isn’t only her employee but her friend?” one person wrote. “Like? She buys her kid clothes that cost more than it would to pay for her FRIEND’S emergency surgery.”

Stormi’s wardrobe is coming up quite a bit in this discussion — as someone els pointed out, “Kylie Jenner bought her toddler a $15,000 handbag but is asking her fans for money.

“It’s not even about the fact that she won’t pay for the surgery herself,” one Twitter user argued. 

“Every single last one of Kylie Jenner’s sisters is a millionaire. Her parents are millionaires. Her friends are millionaires. But she asked the MIDDLE CLASS for money. This family……”

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One person got a little more general with the criticism, asking “Are people really surprised that Kylie Jenner not a good person?”

But believe it or not, for all of the people slamming Kylie, there were plenty of people defending her, too.

“I’m confused,” one of those people tweeted. “She gave 5k and y’all wanted her to pay for the whole thing? 5k sounds VERY generous to me. Like y’all would’ve given it.”

It’s a goofy argument because the whole point is that $5,000 is a lot of money to most people, but it’s absolutely nothing to Kylie.

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And as another person explained, if Kylie’s net worth is around $900,000,000 — that’s NINE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS — and she donated $5,000, “That’s 0.000006% of her net worth. If your net worth were, say, $100K, it would be like donating 56 cents.”

The same person explained that if Sam needs $60K, then “Kylie Jenner paying that would be like someone with $100K net worth sparing $6.72 to pay off a friend’s medical bills.”


Look, of course she doesn’t have to give any money to anyone, and of course it was nice of her to make the donation she did make.

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But like … what did she think was going to happen here?