In an unexpected turn of events, “Friend of Mine” singer Kelly Price is not missing after all, this according to her lawyer.  Still, her family told cops in Gerogia recently they have not been able to contact her, and GA officials listed her officially as a missing person as of today.   Details inside.
Just hours after GA officials and the National Crime Information Center classified Kelly Price as a missing person, the singer’s lawyer, Monica Ewing, claims she’s not missing at all.  She told TMZ moments ago she is at “an undisclosed location” and still “recovering from Covid”. 
Apparently, Kelly went to said “undisclosed location” after being discharged from the hospital last month where she was admitted to ICU for complications with Covid. Kelly’s family said they were shocked to learn she was discharged because she wasn’t fully recovered yet.
Ewing said she would be reaching out to officials to let them know Kelly isn’t missing, but she didn’t confirm if she, herself, saw and/or spoke to Kelly directly.  She also didn’t explain why Kelly’s children have been unable to contact her, or why they feel Kelly’s fiancé is keeping her away from her family.
Kelly’s children say they visited her while she was in ICU for about three weeks, but haven’t heard from her since August upon her discharge.  Someone did ask cops to perform a welfare check since the famly has gone weeks without being able to reach her.  Cops said there was no foul play suspected, but it’s unclear if they saw or spoke to Kelly directly.  Apparently, her fiance was at the home.
Kelly hasn’t posted much about her fiance, but she did post about a new bae back in 2017.  It’s unclear if it’s the same person. Kelly also divorced her husband/manager back in 2015 after 23 years together.
TMZ states:
We asked Ewing to clarify why Price had seemingly been ignoring her family and what her current status was with her fiancé, Ewing reiterated Kelly is safe and recovering from COVID and is trying to get well and will further address the story later.

It’s all…very interesting.  We do hope Kelly has been spoken to or seen directly by someone in her close circle, and we do hope she’s recovering and safe.