The once and future Teen Mom villain Farrah Abraham did not have a good experience taking Harvard classes.

Though she accused the prestigious university of “educational abuse” and threatened to sue, she’s also moving on.

Farrah currently claims to be studying the law in order to become an attorney.

She has vowed to get a perfect score on her LSAT … to the collective laughter and mockery of the entire internet.

Farrah Abraham posted a now-deleted video, which we have included in case you need a laugh this week.

Speaking to her social media followers, she shared that she had been studying hard.

“You guys either wish me luck on the LSAT,” Farrah said.

“I’m really like bummed,” Farrah expressed.

“I’ve had no free weekends, no free anything,” she lamented.

“So LSATs,” Farrah cheered, “here we go!”

With her fingers crossed for luck, Farrah continued.

“I’m going to be a lawyer,” she spoke ominously.

“I’m going to get a 180,” Farrah alleged. “Let’s f–king do this!”

“Wish me, luck guys!” Farrah demanded of her followers.

“I’m so pumped!” she expressed.

Farrah added: “I’m just going to be the best Farrah I’ve ever been.”

“I’m going to war and I’m going to win some law,” Farrah announced, “as we know I always do!”

(What in the world does that mean in human languages?)

“But now I’m licensed, or going to be,” Farrah concluded.

As you can imagine, Farrah boasting about her alleged studiousness elicited quite the response on social media.

“Ooo! I can’t wait until those scores come back!” mocked a Reddit denizen.

Another redditor wrote: “I’m wondering if she realizes that there’s a writing portion of the LSAT. Hahaha! I’m still dying at the audacity.”

“I think the term is ‘delusional,'” another redditor quipped.

“I think she just watched Legally Blonde one day and really thinks all of this will be super easy,” a commenter quipped.

“”She’s taking the LSAT, the entrance exam to law school,” another noted, predicting: “She won’t make it far enough to take the bar.”

What is interesting is that Farrah recently enrolled in online courses at Harvard, but had some sort of “falling out.”

She claimed that Harvard was neither safe nor credible in a scathing, unhinged Yelp review.

She called the Ivy League school “educationally abusive to students.”

Farrah accused the school’s faculty of keeping her “locked out of” a Zoom course for which she had paid.

Farrah disputed her tuition after an instructor delicately suggested that she might have a “neurological issue.”

Because Farrah struggles to speak or write in coherent sentences, it is difficult to parse what happened.

What many have guessed happened was that Farrah may have participated in a writing portion in one or more of her classes.

When Farrah’s infamous farrahspeak, a familiar staple to social media followers, showed up in a writing assignment, any responsible professor would try to speak to her about it.

But between Farrah’s malicious personality and the Dunning-Kruger effect, she wouldn’t have understood — she’d have felt attacked and blown up at them.

We do not know the cause of Farrah’s struggles to communicate in non-garbled sentences, but law school is likely not the place to fix it.

A normal person with Farrah’s issues with verbal expression might take the gentle concerns of multiple professors as a hint.

Farrah’s deeply toxic personality, however, means that she is unlikely to listen, no matter how many law schools end up showing her the door.

Farrah abraham vows to ace the lsat im going to war to win some