One of the three men who held “Love & Hip Hop” star Safaree Samuels at gunpoint and robbed him of $180,000 worth of jewelry has been found guilty of first-degree robbery. And he’s facing decades in prison. Details inside…
One of the three men who robbed reality star Safaree Samuels of his jewels is facing hella time in prison.
According to local reports, Tacuma Ashman of Irvington, New York, was one of three men who robbed “Love & Hip Hop” star Safaree Samuels at gunpoint, stealing $180,000 worth of jewelry in Fort Lee, New Jersey in April 2018.
Now, he’s facing 50 years in prison when he’s sentenced on January 28, 2022.
A jury convicted the 43-year-old of the most serious charge he faced, which was first degree robbery. He was also found guilty on charges of weapons possession and resisting arrest. He was reportedly acquitted on conspiracy charges and owning a handgun without a permit. 
Prosectors said the men planned the robbery weeks in advance, scanning Safaree’s social media account to discover which pieces of jewelry he wears the most. They are being accused of putting a GPS tracking device on the entertainer’s car to know his location. They pulled up on him at his Fort Lee, NJ home and held him at gunpoint to steal $180,000 worth of jewelry.
Right after the robbery, the men went on a high-speed chase with police across the George Washington Bridge into New York City. The officers recovered Safaree’s wallet and his jewelry.
Turns out, one of the men captured by police was a childhood friend of Safaree’s. Yikes.
The robbery’s mastermind was Shawn Harewood, childhood friend of Safaree’s in Brooklyn, according to prosecutors. Shawn reportedly recruited Tacuma Ashman and the third man, Cary Harry, to carry out the criminal act because he knew Safaree would recognize him if he was involved. After they robbed Safaree they hopped in a black Cadillac Escalade without license plates. The police noticed the vehicle without plates and that’s what started the pursuit. reports:
Harewood and Ashman were co-defendants in the trial, but a judge declared a mistrial for Harewood after his attorney withdrew from the case over a personal matter. A new trial date for Harewood is pending. Harry pleaded guilty in 2019 on a conspiracy charge.

Hours after the robbery, Safaree showed up for an interview with Power 105’s Angie Martinez where he opened up about getting robbed right before coming in to chat with her. He got choked up while talking about it.

“I just got robbed at gunpoint,” he said. “A couple of hours ago, I just got robbed. Two dudes with guns just ran up on me. They had me face down on the floor with a gun to my head. They just took everything,” he shared.
People thought he was clout chasing at first and clowned him online. Days later, footage of the robbery was released:

A few months ago, Safaree and Erica Mena’s Atlanta home was burglarized. Makes you wonder if the incidents are connected in any way. Stay safe, Safaree!
Photo: Safaree’s IG