Ostensibly, Debbie Johnson going on dates for the first time in decades has been the focus of her 90 Day: The Single Life storyline.

Realistically, a lot of viewers have been much more fascinated by her conscious uncoupling with Colt Johsnon.

It was very early this season when Colt Johnson told Debbie that he’s kicking her out.

In this sneak peek of the Tell All, he scolds his elderly mother, driving her to tears.

Colt Johnson, seated between pregnant wife Vanessa Guerra and mother Debbie Johnson, was not holding back.

“I’m upset that you just can’t do anything by yourself,” he complained.

“I’m the first person, the first call, the first everything with you,” Colt griped.

“Not anymore,” Debbie countered.

She added that the two of them had not spoken all week, but Coult remembered things a little differently.

“I got 10 texts as soon as I landed,” he described.

Vanessa backed up her husband, saying:

“Colt is her go-to, always, always.”

“It’s just crazy,” Colt lamented, “the amount of ‘Do this, do that, go get my bag, do this, oh hey take me to San Diego…'”

This is when Debbie began to plead with Colt to stop, because he was clearly hurting her feelings.

“I can’t stop because this is very important to me,” Colt asserted.

“You raised me to be just a subservient person to you,” he accused, “and I just want to know why.”

“I need to know why you’re this way,” Colt protested, citing a specific instance when Debbie was overly dependent upon him.

“My wife was pregnant, I didn’t want to tell you at the time when I was driving out to San Diego,” he noted.

“I didn’t want to leave her,” Colt explained. “I shouldn’t be bothered with your life, this is your life. It’s not my responsibility.”

“Well I’m moving out, it doesn’t matter,” Debbie fired back.

She then asked Colt: “What are you going to do?”

“I don’t care,” Colt. “As long as you stop influencing me so much and always there, there, there.”

“Do you even understand why I’m mad?” Colt demanded of his mother.

Debbie did not, and again protested that he was pushing this issue now and on camera, humiliating her for “the world” to see.

“I would do it in front of everybody,” Colt insisted.

“I’m 36 years old, stop treating me like I’m a kid,” Colt demanded.

“Why are you doing this now? Why?” Debbie asked.

“I’m not going to do this,” she declared. “What are you doing Colt?”

This is when Debbie stood up and began to storm off of the stage, seemingly trying to get out of sight before tears began to fall.

“I want to talk. Sit down, let’s talk about things. You just run away,” Colt protested.

Angrily, Debbie said: “I wish he wouldn’t have come. I wish he and his wife would move far, far, far away.”

One can understand Colt’s frustrations with Debbie. Codependence can turn to bitterness in a heartbeat.

However, confronting her about this at the Tell All was not the gentlest or kindest way to do this.

It’s part of their job as reality stars, but that doesn’t make it nice.

Debbie johnson driven to tears by colt on 90 day the single life