Kanye West is doing the most before with his legal team before his estranged wife Kim Kardashian goes before a judge to request single status. He has fired his fourth divorce attorney just hours before today’s hearing.
After shaking things up in his pending divorce, he stepped out in Miami to dine with Tristan Thompson (his wife’s sister’s ex-boyfriend) and seemingly confirmed his new fling, Chaney Jones. Everything inside…
Kanye West’s pending divorce from Kim Kardashian continues well over a year after she filed for divorce after six years of marriage.
Over the last few weeks, Ye has been ranting and raving on social media about how Kim has been keeping the kids away from him and issuing public threats to Kim’s “SNL” boyfriend Pete Davidson.
In December, Kim filed to be legally single, requesting a judge to restore her single status as they work out the divorce. That seemingly sent Ye in a rage because ever since she filed those documents, he has been going ham on social media. He has made claims that Kim is keeping their children away from him and he has publicly threatened Kim’s boyfriend on Instagram and even on new songs.
Kim K took it back to the courts, filing new court documents to let the judge know Ye’s social media antics have caused her “emotional distress” and she demanded single status so she can heal and move with her life.
Today, the KKW Beauty honcho went before the judge. Literally hours before the hearing, Ye decided to fire his fourth divorce attorney and apparently hired another.  TMZ reports: 
Sources with direct knowledge tell us he recently fired his lawyer, Chris Melcher. We’re told the relationship between Ye and Melcher had become extremely difficult, with little communication.
Our sources say at times, Kanye had expressed he just wanted to settle things with Kim … and at others, he expressed a desire to put up a fight.
As for Wednesday’s hearing, it’s expected the judge will rule to make Kim legally single. We’re told it’s “highly unlikely” Kanye will attend in person, but according to the court record, Kim will either call or video chat into the hearing.

You’ll recall, Kim mentioned how Ye has been running through divorce attorneys when she first spoke out following his social media rants.
Yet and still, Kim’s request was granted today.  TMZ reports she’s officially single, and so is Kanye.  But Kanye had a few odd conditions:
Kim Kardashian’s quest to become a single woman has become a reality, because the judge has granted her request to end her marriage to Kanye West.  Kim will hereinafter be known just as Kim Kardashian … the West is gone.

…Kanye’s lawyer did not object to restoring Kim’s single status, although his lawyer said he had 3 conditions — 1. any right to get reimbursement of money that’s supposed to be divided up will be preserved in case either of the dies … the judge granted that condition.

There were 2 other conditions the judge rejected — that Kim would not transfer any assets she had in trust, and if Kim remarries should would waive the “marital privilege.” That privilege means a new spouse would not have to testify about communications he had with her.  The judge said nope to that.
A source close to Kanye tells TMZ, he also wanted the divorce to be granted.  He’s now a single person as well.

Ye was not in attendance for the hearing and Kim attended via video conference.
Not only is Ye shaking things up with his legal team, he’s also causing trouble when it comes to their prenup. TMZ reports:
Kanye’s lawyers filed legal docs claiming prenups in California after 2002 are presumed invalid. It’s weird because Kanye himself has NEVER suggested their prenup — which kept almost all their property separate during their marriage — is anything other than valid.
As for prenups being presumed invalid … that’s not exactly true. The law says a prenup is presumed invalid IF one of the parties who signed it challenges its validity … Kanye has not done that, so it’s unclear why the lawyers are suggesting it.
What’s more … even if Kanye challenged the prenup, he’d have to show either it was not entered voluntarily or it was “unconscionable.” Kanye had a lawyer represent him when the prenup was signed, so it’s hard to imagine it wasn’t voluntary. As for it being unconscionable, Kanye made a fortune during the marriage and all that money is his … so this doesn’t make sense either. 

We’re not surprised. The DONDA rapper has been doing plenty of questionable things as of late.

In 2014, it was reported Kanye & Kim signed a prenuptial agreement that stated Kim would receive $1 million for every year she’s married to the Chi-town rapper, capped at $10 million. The prenup also said she would be able to keep all jewelry and gifts given to her by Kanye.
Now, it makes sense why Ye hired Samantha Spector, who recently represented Dr. Dre’s wife, Nicole Young, in their divorce.
Kanye West & Tristan Thompson Grab Dinner Together in Miami https://t.co/s247FdgTdO
— TMZ (@TMZ) March 2, 2022

On Tuesday, the Chi-town rapper linked up with NBA baller Tristan Thompson – Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy/ex-boyfriend – for dinner at the Seat Hotel in Miami. And it appears they were joined by several women (seen above).
Third Trimester Tristan was in town with his new team – the Chicago Bulls – for their game against the Miami Heat on Monday. To be a fly on the wall during their conversation.
You’ll recall, Ye, semi-blasted Tristan about not giving him the address to Chicago’s 4th birthday party back in January. He insinuated Tristan and Khloe were closer than fans thought after it was revealed Tristan made a baby with another woman while being in a relationship with Khloe. Eventually, Ye thanked Travis Scott (Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy) for leaking the address to the party.
Last week, the Grammy winning rapper was in Miami with a Kim K 2.0 on his arm during his DONDA 2 album release party. The College Dropout was seen grabbing lunch with a woman named Chaney Jones, who is basically his ex-wife’s doppelganger. Ye has been creepily dressing her identical to Kim – just like he did his last fling, Julia Fox.
It appears Ye has confirmed their “coupledom” emoji style, sharing a paparazzi flick of himself and Chaney with a black heart emoji on his IG. 
Ye via Instagram:
“” pic.twitter.com/huxrduGOk4
— Photos Of Ye (@PhotosOfKanye) March 1, 2022
As for his “ex” Julia Fox…




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Although her short-lived relationship with Ye has ended, Julia Fox said it was the best thing to have happened to her. Oh?
“It was the best thing that could have happened to me,” Julia said on the red carpet at the premiere of The Batman at Josie Robertson Plaza in NYC yesterday. She said being with Ye was “like hitting a reset button. It kind of brought a spark back into my life that I had kind of forgotten about.”
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