I’m still sad about the way Tina Brown has utterly exposed herself as a hack stenographer to royalty. I genuinely thought she was one of the better royal commentators, but not so much. While The Palace Papers is infuriating – and Brown is definitely shady towards many people in it – Brown’s interviews have been a study in anti-Sussex rhetoric and talking out of both sides of her mouth. Brown was interviewed by The Daily Star recently (a British paper), and she spent the entire interview trying to convince herself, the newspaper and the British people that Prince Harry would eventually come back to them, because he’s white and royal and he hates California.

Harry could be embraced again: “Harry was much more beloved than anyone except the Queen. I believe Harry will be embraced again if he shows a desire or interest in returning to England. There is a pathway back to monarchy. But I don’t know if he wants to. Right now he is absolutely embracing California, not only as a place to live but as a way of thinking. If it happens, it will probably be after the death of the Queen.”

Her palace sources say Harry doesn’t think: “He goes off like a complete sort of IED at any moment. I asked someone what he was thinking when he makes these comments and I was told, ‘He’s not thinking, he just sounds off.’”

William’s trust has been undermined: “It’s a very wounded relationship right now. William has fundamentally had his trust undermined by the Oprah interview and the news that Harry is writing a book. Harry feels hurt and rejected by William, believing that William didn’t embrace Meghan in the way that he thought he should have.”

[From The Star]

“I believe Harry will be embraced again if he shows a desire or interest in returning to England…” “If” is doing so much work, my God. And it’s not even true! IF Harry showed an interest in returning, Salt Island would be gleeful, of course. Gleeful about punishing him and making his life miserable and blaming him for everything. Speaking of, I assume that Brown’s sources are insisting that William is still distrustful of Harry because… Harry spoke about how he was treated and how his wife was treated. If everything went down the way we believe/know it went down, William was the one who largely orchestrated the smearing of Meghan and he was actively trying to exile his brother and sister-in-law. Imagine how little trust Harry has in William.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid and Instar.