The Internet is torn after Diddy delivered his BET Lifetime Achievement Award speech where he showed love to his late ex, Kim Porter, and his (now married) ex Cassie, but not his “current” Caresha as she stood in the audience holding up a sign. After the show, JT had to clear a chick who spoke about Caresha’s “situation” with the Hip Hop mogul. Get it all inside…
BET honored Diddy with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award for all his contributions to the industry.
The 52-year-old Hip Hop mogul ran through a long list of names, thanking everyone who has helped him or served a purpose in his life and career. Diddy thanked several important people in his life, including late music exec Andre Harrell, late rapper Heavy D, late Hip Hop icon The Notorious B.I.G., and his beloved mother of his children, Kim Porter, who died in 2018. 
And the gratitude didn’t stop there. Even though they’ve since broken up and gone their separate ways, Diddy thanked his ex/singer Cassie, who is now married with two children.
“I’ma keep it a hundred with y’all,” he said. “I was in a dark place for a few years, you know what I’m saying? And I have to give a special thank you shout out, thank you, all that love. I gotta give a special thank you to the people that was really like there for me.”

“Bishop T.D. Jakes, my Chief of Staff, Kristina Khorram, Laurieann Gibson, [for] keeping me free,” he continued. “Yeah… and also Cassie, for holding me down in the dark times.”

You can watch his speech below:




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Fans quickly noticed no mention of City Girls’ rapper Caresha/Yung Miami, who he confirmed he’s dating.

When he was first announced to come on stage to accept the award, the camera panned over to Caresha and she’s happily holding a red sign that said “Go Papi” on it.
Check it:
Baby Diddy Is Knocking Caresha DOWN Okay #BETAwards
— LaSha (@iamluhhshayy) June 27, 2022
Well, she did say she was single but her and Diddy go together during the premiere episode of her new podcast, “Caresha Please.” They both confirmed they’re single, but dating.




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Some folks feel like Diddy should have shown Caresha some love during his speech, while others don’t! They feel like he gave flowers to the people who had been in his life that helped him get to where he is today. Since his relationship with Caresha is new, it didn’t make sense to them why he would thank her for anything.
See some reactions below:
Diddy just thanked Cassie while caresha holding a sign #BETAwards
— Bri Marné (@NonGMHoee) June 27, 2022
Diddy: I miss Kim so much… Shout out Cassie for holding me down in dark times… #BETAwards
— OG Aunt Becky (@ATLviaMIA) June 27, 2022
diddy really got caresha out hear exhibiting groupie behavior i’m sickkk
— world titan (@trainwreckpapi) June 27, 2022
I’m confused, why would Diddy thank Caresha? He won a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT award. Caresha been around for like two seconds. She wasn’t a part of his career. #BETAwards
— encore. (@LundiCharms) June 27, 2022
I really want to know why y’all wanted diddy to shout out caresha , when he was simply thanking people who helped him when he was at his lowest?
— D.Ferg (@Where_Is_Ferg) June 27, 2022
Y’all are acting like Caresha & Diddy didn’t talk about Kim and the impact she had on his life during the Revolt interview. He also thanked Cassie for being there for him when she passed. It’s getting weird.
— . (@_onceuponaDIME) June 27, 2022
The REAL Bad thing is a JOKE diddy & caresha made it clear that there dating . They don’t go together . I don’t see nothing wrong with him shouting out Cassie . He was with her FOR YEARS she didn’t even get a ring or child from him , he better thank her for being there
— Perrette is the name (@Itsonly1__P) June 27, 2022
Diddy still letting it be known in front of Caresha that Cassie is still a fresh wound after all these years#BETAwards
— Cameron Searles (@CJSearle93) June 27, 2022
Caresha puhlease had a whole sign and still didn’t get a shout out from Diddy Santana gone clown her in the car #BETAwards #BETAwards2022
— #ITGIRL (@DaHawtie) June 27, 2022
”Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star Jessie Woo threw shade at Caresha for holding that sign for Diddy:
That man thanked every woman in his life including CASSIE…. EXCEPT the woman holding up the “Go Papi” sign… #BETAwards
— MBali (@TheJessieWoo) June 27, 2022
”That man thanked every woman in his life including CASSIE…. EXCEPT the woman holding up the “Go Papi” sign…,” Jessie tweeted.
— MBali (@TheJessieWoo) June 27, 2022
JT don’t play about Caresha, so she responded! She tweeted back:
”B*tch don’t play crazy not a b*tch that can be seen touched & identified trying to go viral…ok, alright.”
Caresha also responded, “Girl please!”




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Jessie hasn’t directly responded to the ladies, but she did express to a fan how she’s always singled out when she does awards show commentary:
I’m always singled out. That’s literally my life’s story.
— MBali (@TheJessieWoo) June 27, 2022
Diddy’s longtime sidechick Gina Huynh – who recently was involved in social media beef with Caresha after attending the Billboard Awards – posted this after the BET Awards: 

“LOL AT ALL THE FAKENESS,” Gina – who was not in attendance – wrote on IG Stories.  Still a mess.
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